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The European Union Social Policy

MODULE TITLE: "The European Union Social Policy"



TIMEFRAME: 01.09.2016 – 31.08.2019

The main objectives are to promote discussion and reflection on the EU social policy via the historical analysis, focused on identification of advantages and disadvantages of  the EU social policy model, with the aim of elaboration of teaching materials “EU social policy” and its wide dissemination in academic, business communities, regional authorities and civil society as a whole. Implementation of education courses for university students, providing them with the appropriate knowledge and skills on the EU social policy, in particularly based on historical and political analysis results.


  • to develop a methodology and tools for historical and political analysis;
  • to conduct the historical and political analysis "The EU social policy: Past and Present";
  • to prepare teaching materials “The EU social policy”;
  • to implement a training course for university students on "EU social policy";
  • to organize a scientific conference for young researchers "The EU social policy models";
  • to prepare and publish monograph "Social Policy of the EU: Past and Present".

The project is targeted on academic world, teachers, young researchers, students; regional authorities and general public.

Lala Yakubova

Academic coordinator

8 (3466) 27-35-10

PhD thesis "New Labour" Social Program in Great Britain: Preparation, Priorities, Implementation (1994 - 2001)”, 2005, Moscow State Pedagogical University.

More than 80 scientific publications on the theory and practice of welfare state formation in the UK and Europe, European models of social policy. Speaker at international and all-Russian scientific conferences and competitions on Western Europe Modern History (for example, "Fourth German - Russian Week of the Young Researcher" Global History organized by DAAD, DWIH). During 2009 - 2015 years teaching the following courses: “Social Policy Models in Europe and the USA”, “Actual Problems of European and American Contemporary History”, “European History in Modern Time" at Nizhnevartovsk State University. Mentoring students’ research activities devoted to the Social Policy of European countries in contemporary period.




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