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Master Programmes

Program Duration

2 years (full-time training)

Academic Year

9 months (September - May)

                List of Programmes

Faculty of Humanities

  • Journalism (Media Performance)

  • Management (Strategic Management)

  • Teacher Education (Khanty Philology)

  • Tourism (Travel Business Management)

  • Teacher Education (World History)

  • Teacher Education (Russian History)

  • Teacher Education (Modern Approaches to Teaching Foreign Language)

  • Teacher Education (Literature in Field-Specific Education)

  • Teacher Education (Russian Language in Field-Specific Education)

  • Linguistics (Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication)

  • Linguistics (Artificial Intelligence and Speech Modelling)

  • Record Management and Archival Work (Document Support of State and Local Authorities)

  • Advertising and Public Relations (Advertising and Public Relations in Mass Communication System)

Faculty of Arts and Design

  • Teacher Education (Fine Arts)

  • Design (Design Engineering)

  • Applied and Decorative Arts and Folk Crafts (Art Material Processing)

  • Teacher Education (Music Culture and Education)

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Teacher Education (Supplementary Education for Children) 

  • Psychological and Pedagogical Education (Educational Psychologist)

  • Psychology (Personality and Habitat Psychological Security)

  • Teacher Education (Management in Education)

Faculty of Physical Training and Sports

  • Teacher Education (Modern Approaches to Physical Education)

Faculty of Information Technologies and Mathematics

  • Computer Science and Engineering (Computer and Automated Systems Software)

  • Teacher Education (Mathematics)

Faculty of Ecology and Engineering

  • Cartography and Geoinformatics (Cartography)

  • Biology (Ecology)

  • Power and Electrical Engineering (Relay Protection and Automation of Power Systems)

  • Heat Power Engineering and Technologies (Industrial Heat Power Engineering)

  • Environmental and Water Management (Environmental Territorial Development)

  • Oil and Gas Engineering (Management of Well Operation and Maintenance)

  • Ecology and Environmental Management (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development)

  • Teacher Education (Biology)

  • Teacher Education (Geography)

Tuition Fees (2022-2023)