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Maps and Buildings



Main Building

56 Lenina Street, Nizhnevartovsk 

The Main Building holds:

University Administration

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology




Building 2

3B Mira Street, Nizhnevartovsk 

Building 2 holds:

Faculty of Humanities





Building 3

35a Internatsionalnaya Street, Nizhnevartovsk  

Building 3 holds:

Faculty of Art and Design





Building 4

11 Dzerzhinskogo Street, Nizhnevartovsk

Building 4 holds:

Faculty of Geography and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Information Technologies and Mathematics

Faculty of Economics and Management


Sports and Recreation Centre

2 Lenina Street, Nizhnevartovsk 

Sports and Recreation Centre holds:

Faculty of Physical Training and Sports






Student Residence Hall

60a Severnaya Street, Nizhnevartovsk