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International Photography contest

International Photography contest "Biodiversity through the Lens" will be held between January 27 until April 18 at Nizhnevartovsk State University as part of the Final International Research and Practical Conference "Intercultural dialogue and collaboration of the European Union and Russia: Implementation of Jean Monnet Projects at Nizhnevartovsk State University", Student Forum “ERASMUS GENERATION AT NVSU” and Jean Monnet project "Promoting biodiversity conservation in RF via advanced EU practices".

NVSU will hold the Final International conference dedicated to implementation of Jean Monnet Projects

The conference aims to promote studies of and research on the EU integration relating to the fields of ecology, history, economics and law, draw conclusions and present outcomes of the Jean Monnet projects implemented by Nizhnevartovsk State University. Conference objectives 1. Introduce the European dimension in the educational process of Nizhnevartovsk State University. 2. Exchange experiences on the EU-related teaching and research. 3. Boost interest among students and faculty members towards participation in the EU funded programmes. 4. Raise awareness of the Erasmus+ Programme and Jean Monnet Activities. 5. Foster dialogue between academic and business communities. 6. Consolidate efforts of professional communities to effectively implement the best EU practices. 7. Promote teaching, research and discussion of the EU-related issues 8. Enhance student and staff mobility to study the EU experience and deepen knowledge of the European integration.

Varna University of Management to become a NVSU partner

NVSU has signed a memorandum of understanding and an inter-institutional agreement with Varna University of Management (Varna, Bulgaria) under the European Union Erasmus+ Program (Key Action 1: Individuals mobility of students and teachers). NVSU and Varna University of Management are planning the following cooperation: • inbound, outbound mobility of teaching and university staff; • joint research; • participation in seminars, conferences, symposia. A most prestigious business school in Central and Eastern Europe, Varna University of Management has been providing training highly qualified professionals of business administration, tourism, hotel business, computer technology, cooking and gastronomy for over 20 years. All courses here are taught in English, which is the university has become a popular study destination for students from more than 30 countries.

A business simulation game held at NVSU within a Jean Monnet project

In November, 2018, NVSU held a business simulation game within the courses of Standardization in Product Quality Management: EU Experience and Cooperation Prospects and Strategic Management for 3rd and 4th year students. The game was arranged and directed by Inna Volkova, Professor of the Department for Commerce and Management. This business simulation game contributed to the active study of educational material, practice of skills, and the ability to search for the required information, make decisions and forecast. The students received a great opportunity to practice modern ways of business and management, apply the knowledge and skills mastered within the study courses and develop business strategies with an account for national and international standards. The jury of the game included NVSU graduates of the Faculty of Economics and Management, now actively involved in business, management and entrepreneurship.

Jean Monnet-2018 officially launched in Brussels

Jean Monnet-2018 projects were officially launched in Brussels. The meeting was attended by representatives of projects selected within the call for proposals (EAC / A05 / 2017), representatives of the Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EACEA) and colleagues from the European Commission. The Jean Monnet team of the Executing Agency held information sessions answering numerous questions on the operational and financial aspects of the projects. At the meeting, representatives from Russia and other countries shared their experience of project implementation and discussed cooperation prospects. In 2018, Nizhnevartovsk State University received the European Commission financial support in two Jean Monnet program actions within the call of proposals. In Brussels, the university was presented by Tatiana Storchak, Head of the Department for Ecology, Faculty of Ecology and Engineering.

NVSU holds a research and practice seminar “Studying the interaction of environment and human health: experience of the European Union”

On November 22, 2018, NVSU Faculty of Ecology and Engineering held a research and practical seminar “Studying the interaction of environment and human health: experience of the European Union”. The seminar was arranged within the Jean Monnet Module project “Interaction of Environment and Human Health: Experience of the European Union”, No. 2016-2592 / 001-001, 574826-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE. The project supported by the European Commission is coordinated by Irina Pogonysheva and Denis Pogonyshev.

A meeting of Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Association held at NVSU

NVSU has held another meeting of Erasmus+ ambassadors. The meeting was joined by members of NVSU International Office and students who took part in the program and studied at the European partner universities. Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association is an association created to coordinate and support Erasmus+ program in NVSU, increase student mobility and raise overall awareness about Erasmus+ program opportunities. The meeting agenda included the following issues: • the schedule of upcoming meetings and events; • dissemination of program results and positive experience; • information support of the association’s social networks; • activities for foreign students at studying at NVSU in 2019 (Human Library, Speaking Club and Cinema Club).

International cooperation: Learning mobility of Individuals

On October 2-7, 2018, Marina Khuzhina, the Dean of NVSU Faculty of Information Technology and Mathematics, visited Liepaja University (Liepaja, Latvia). The visit was supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ 2014-2020 program as part of the academic mobility project approved for funding in 2018 (Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals) between NVSU and Liepaja University. During the visit, Marina Khudzhina had a meeting with students of the faculties of Natural Sciences and Engineering and Humanities and Arts, and gave a joint lecture to students specializing in information technologies. In addition, she met with Zanda Gutmane, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, as well as heads of educational programs and teachers, and visited various workshops and studios. As Zanda Gutmane said, the Faculty of Humanities and Arts at Liepaja University is particularly interested in exchanging students with Russian universities, since learning Russian language will significantly increase students’ competitiveness in the labor market. Marina Khudzhina also met with Liepaja University vice-rectors for education and research. The parties agreed to continue academic mobility of students and faculty members and implement joint research and educational projects.

UNISON project: A consortium session in Georgia

On September 24-25, the consortium of the UNISON project "University-Enterprise Cooperation via Spin-off Companies Network” met at Tbilisi State University (Tbilisi, Georgia) and Telavi State University (Telavi, Georgia). The session was attended by NVSU representatives Anatoly Klochkov, First Vice-Rector, Burkit Makhutov, Vice-Rector for Further Education, Irina Yezhukova, Director of the Career Center, Alexander Zhidelev, Leading Engineer of the Career Center, and Oksana Yakovishak, Acting Head of the International Office. On September 24, the consortium members discussed the project performance over the reporting period at Tbilisi State University. The representatives of hosting university spoke about the Technology Transfer Office launched as part of the UNISON project. Also, members of Georgian partner universities presented one of the key results of the UNISON project, namely a virtual platform, which is an effective mechanism for cooperation, sharing experience and finding potential partners among spin-off companies.