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NVSU at a Glance

Nizhnevartovsk State University was established in 1988. It is the leading higher education institution and one of the most rapidly developing institutions in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area - Yugra.

 Its departments cover a number of educational trends including high quality staff    training in the field of science, education, economics and humanities.



NVSU is comprised of 9 faculties:             

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Economics and Management

Faculty of Art and Design

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology                

Faculty of Physical Training and Sports
Faculty of Information Technologies
and Mathematics

Faculty of Ecology and Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Supplementary Education

Teaching Staff. The teaching process is provided by highly-qualified professionals, including over 50 doctors and professors and more than 160 candidates of science and associate professors working at 23 academic chairs.

Educational Programs. Prospective students can choose from over 30 different programs of study in the fields of Biosciences, Technical Sciences, History, Philosophy, Languages, Pedagogy, Psychology, Art, Culture Studies and Geosciences, while postgraduates can continue their education within over 20 postgraduate programs.

Research. The University conducts research in different areas, including most of the natural, technical and social sciences, arts and humanities, as well as economics. The research infrastructure consists of 6 specialized labs and centers.

Our Students. We're a learning destination for over 5000 undergraduate and post-graduate students.  Student support is ensured by the Department for Student Affairs which provides assistance in Careers, Counseling, Disability, Student Health, Academic Support, Financial Support and Widening Participation. An active social life is as much a part of university life as studying.

University Facilities.The University maintains 5 academic buildings, multimedia lecture rooms with modern equipment, computer labs for laboratory and practical classes, a comfortable Student Reseidence Hall, 6 canteens, a training and field base, an open air museum, a recreation facility with 10 gyms, a swimming pool, and exercise rooms with modern sport equipment.


The University Library is one of the largest in Yugra, with a collection numbering more than 250,000 books, and with an average 10,000 visitors reading 500,000 books per year.

NVSU has its own Publishing House which publishes a wide range of scientific literature, reference material and popular editions on aspects of pedagogy, psychology, history, mathematics, chemistry and geography.

International Cooperation. The University takes part in international projects, such as Tempus Project, and maintains partnerships with various international organizations and educational institutions of Finland, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, USA, UK, and China.