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Faculty of Humanities
Ekaterina Dolgina, Candidate of Culturology, Associate Professor Dean: Ekaterina Dolgina, Candidate of Culturology, Associate Professor
Address: 3B Mira Street, Building 2
Tel: +7 (3466) 273 510

The Faculty of Humanities was established in 2003 by merging the faculties of Philology, History and Foreign Languages.

The Faculty offers a variety of courses in fields of literature, history, languages, media, and philosophy. It aims to give students the opportunity to broaden and deepen knowledge in a number of disciplines, and within a vibrant and rich learning environment formed by a socially and culturally diverse community of students and staff.

The research and educational activities at the Faculty are realized within two major focus areas - Document Science and History, and Philology.

Our teaching staff is engaged in the activities of the following departments:


In 2014 the Faculty opened the Laboratory of Regional Historical Research at the Department of Russian History.

The Faculty offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are nationally and regionally competitive as well as locally relevant and combining a great variety of academic disciplines. The Faculty makes a significant contribution to the development of town’s and region’s human resource capacity by delivering knowledgeable graduates with excellent qualifications in languages, basic and applied social sciences and arts.

The Faculty of Humanities cooperates with various educational institutions:

British Council (UK), Goethe Institute (Germany), Trinity College (Great Britain), DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Institute of International Studies (Monterey, the USA), University of Barcelona (Spain), University of Glasgow (Scotland), Kustanay Pedagogical Institute (Kazakhstan).

Our students take regular part in international academic programs and study abroad, as well as volunteer as translators and interpreters at the international events such as World Chess Olympics, World Biathlon Championship,  and XXII Olympic Games. After graduation they are successfully employed in various educational institutions, as well as commercial oil producing and servicing companies.

The Faculty expects students to be active, involved and ambitious in order for them to achieve the best results. To stimulate this even further, the Faculty has several scholarships and programs for outstanding students.

Bachelor Programs

42.03.01. Advertising and Public Relations (Advertising and Public Relations in Business)

42.03.02. Journalism (Business Journalism)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Foreign Languages)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Philology)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (History)

45.03.02. Linguistics

46.03.02. Record Management and Archival Work


Master Programs

42.04.02. Journalism

44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (Russian Language in Specialized Education)

44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (Literature in Specialized Education)

45.03.02. Linguistics (Theory of Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication)

46.04.02. Record Management and Archival Work


Postgraduate Programs

45.06.01. Linguistics and Literary Studies

Fields of study:

10.02.19. Theory of Language

10.02.01. Russian language

10.01.01. Russian Literature


46.06.01. History and Archaeology

Fields of study:

07.00.02. National History

07.00.03. World History

07.00.09. Historiography, Source Study and Methods of Historical Research

05.25.02. Document Study and Archive Management


44.06.01. Education and Pedagogical Sciences

Field of study:

13.00.02. Education Theory and Teaching Techniques (History)