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Faculty of Supplementary Education
Alexander Rodikov, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor Dean: Alexander Rodikov, Candidate of Pedagogy, Associate Professor
Address: 4 Marshala Zhukova Street
Tel: +7 (3466) 243 734

The Faculty of Supplementary Education was established in 2005.

At present the faculty holds one department – the Department of Supplementary Education.

It offers professional retraining on the basis of higher and secondary professional education. The Faculty’s current mission is to provide individuals with the opportunity to hone the skills and talents they already use in the workplace. At its best, throughout the refresher training, the Faculty helps increase the competency and knowledge of individuals, thereby increasing their productivity and building self-confidence.

Refresher training courses offered by the Faculty of Supplementary Education help the individual to renew particular some aspects of former training and learn new methods and techniques. The Faculty’s goal is to support and coordinate continuous education and training, provide further vocational and general education, and ensure cultural development and retraining of working professionals.

The Faculty offers a variety of educational services. Our educational programs include teaching foreign languages, psychology, pedagogy, physical training, innovation technologies in primary and middle schools, specialized training, and many others. All our training courses help individuals to reconnect with the professional world, meet current challenges and practice independent or collaborative professional inquiry.

Our refresher training courses are aimed at improving professional competences required for a new professional activity. The Faculty provides the students with refresher training courses in the following fields:

  •  Art Management 
  •  Personnel Management
  •  Education Management
  •  Teaching
  •  Social Work
  •  Psychology
  •  Youth Outreach Management
  •  Foreign Languages
  •  Translation and Interpreting
  •  Design (Web Design, Landscape Design, Fashion Design, Furniture Design etc.)
  •  Practical Computer Technologies and Programming
  •  Library Services
  •  Art and Crafts
  •  Fitness and Recreation etc.