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FIRST+ 2020-2021, Finnish-Russian Student and Teacher Mobility Programme


The joint project of NVSU and JAMK University of Applied Sciences includes the intensive course Responsible business, which will be held in April 2021 at NVSU. Representatives of JAMK, NVSU students and teaching staff will share their experience in promoting green skills and environmental culture among entrepreneurs. The aim of the project is to open the course themes, study them through examples and best practices as interactively as possible in a multicultural group.



REFERENCE: 36/2895/2019

DURATION: 01/06/2020 - 31/08/2021

COURSE TITLE: "Responsible business"

Information about the course

The intensive course will have full five days of study.

The aim of the course is to connect students, educators and experts in the field of responsible tourism, and especially focus on accessible tourism and services. The course will provide the participants with an opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with experts working in the field and equip students with valuable knowledge on designing accessible services and products in various tourism areas.

The intensive course will cover the following topics:

  • Defining responsible business and entrepreneurship (dimensions of sustainability, in practice, trends, competitive asset);
  • Responsible tourism and accessible tourism as part of it, the situation and markets in Finland and Russia;
  • Organization and regulations of accessible tourism in Finland;
  • Best practices of responsible accessible tourism in Finland and internationally;
  • Finnish and Russian policy regarding responsible accessible tourism;
  • Tourism innovations: search for ideas and new opportunities for responsible business development;
  • Exploring the scene and possible applications in Russia.

Specific objectives of the intensive course are the following:

  • Foster awareness and education on the issues of responsible and accessible tourism;
  • Create a FI-RU discussion platform on the important theme;
  • Assist the tourism industry to develop its offer and services related to the theme;
  • Consider the feasibility of applying the Finnish best practices in the Russian context;
  • Contribute to the development of professional competences and networking of both students and personnel; and
  • Initiate JAMK-NVSU joint research on the theme.

The benefits of the course include the enhanced knowledge about successful Finnish practices in the theme and possibly applying them in Russia and the increased joint research on the theme. This is important in order to contribute to the regional development and, thus, increase the competitiveness of the regions in both countries.

The course  will contribute to stimulate knowledge on Finland and Russia, share the best practices and enhance the visibility of the EU studies and research among university student body.


(in progress)

                                                                                         NVSU Project Team

Head of the Project Team

Denis Pogonyshev, Candidate of Biology,

First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for Research

Tel.: +7 3466 457610



Oksana Moroz, Head of International Office

Tel.: +7 3466 457610


Academic Coordinators

Faculty of Humanities

Olga Shahova, Candidate of Cultural Science, Associate Professor of the Department for Humanities, Social Studies and Tourism, Head of NVSU Department of Academic Services

Tel.: +7 3466 273550


Inna Volkova, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of NVSU Department for Management and Commerce

Tel.: +7 3466 270306