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You can have only emergency medical services free of charge. For any other medical assistance you should have a health insurance policy. You should note that non-state clinics can offer you medical care without a policy but in this case you should pay yourself for your treatment. All foreign citizens are required to purchase at their own expense a medical insurance policy that will be valid throughout Russia.

Travel insurance is not applicable in the case you are studying in Russia. To have medical care during studying in Russia you should get a health insurance policy, and it is better to do it in advance to exclude any risks after arriving to Russia.

What is a health insurance policy?

Voluntary health insurance policy (VHI) allows you to receive medical care provided for by the selected insurance program in medical organizations which cooperate with the insurance company. It covers the minimum of medical services required by Russian law (including out-patient and in-patient care, hospitalisation and transportation) and is accepted at clinics and hospitals located near the place of your studies or residence.

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