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Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Irina Istomina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of Russian Higher Education Dean: Irina Istomina, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor, Honorary Worker of Russian Higher Education
Address: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 306
Tel: +7 (3466) 451 042

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology was established in September, 1998.

The main purpose of the Faculty is to train well qualified professionals for leading positions in education medium. The Faculty is comprised of 2 departments:

The students are offered studies in bachelor, master and postgraduate programs. At present the teaching staff includes doctors and professors of sciences, candidates of sciences and associate professors, senior teachers.

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology is engaged in a broad spectrum of areas corresponding to the fields of study accredited and taught there: preschool and primary education, general and social pedagogy, educational psychology.

The Faculty is carrying out many research programs in various areas including:

- improvement of education quality;

- modern technologies of social pedagogical support of childhood;

- personal development in educational and family environment;

- development of moral and intellectual values in children and teenagers through multicultural education.

The Faculty has bilateral agreements with different educational institutions of Russia and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yugra. It also has tight contacts with foreign partners, such as JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (Lappeenranta, Finland) and takes active part in international scientific and educational programs, projects and contests in cooperation with international education institutions, such as the Institute of Psychology at the University of Tartu (Estonia).

The Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology participates two international projects: 1. "Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies" within TEMPUS IV Programme. More information about the project is available at

2. "Social Integration of Minority and Migrant Children in Sweden, Denmark and Russia", within "Nordic-Russian             Cooperation Programme 2012-2015.
There are faculty’s activities in the area of lifelong learning, where various programs and
short-term courses are designed to respond to teachers’ needs for in-service training.

Our students are regular participants and winners of local and national festivals, competitions, contests, grants, volunteer and social projects. Each summer our students have an opportunity to take practical training in local children’s recreation camps, as well as in resorts and summer children’s camps in Bulgaria and Turkey.

Bachelor Programs

39.03.02. Social Work (Social Services)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Pre-school Education)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Primary Education)

44.03.02. Psychological and Pedagogical Education (Psychology and Social Pedagogy)


Master Programs

44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (Innovations in Teaching)

44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (Management in Education)


Postgraduate Programs

44.06.01. Education and Pedagogy

Field of study:

13. 00. 01. General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy and Education

13.00.02. Education Theory and Teaching Techniques (preschool education; social education; level of general education);

13.00.08. Theory and Techniques of Professional Training

37.06.01. Psychology

Field of study:

19.00.13. Development Psychology

19.00.07. Educational Psychology