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Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate education provides students with extra years of learning and research activities to excel in academic medium and build up professional skills. The University offers postgraduate programs in 9 academic areas: Biosciences, Technical Sciences, History, Pedagogy, Psychology, Culture Studies and Geosciences.

All postgraduate courses help to gain more work experience and give enough time to make important career decisions. A professional postgraduate qualification is likely to be helpful while entering various career fields and is essential for graduates who are willing to invest more time and effort in pursuing academic career. Students are offered a great chance to upgrade their diplomas by writing dissertation and do research work in areas of their choice.

Undertaking postgraduate course at the same university a student graduated from has a number of advantages: a student knows the University and the academic staff. Research students may have better opportunities to teach undergraduates when they and their work are already known to academic staff. Postgraduate course is a challenging and rewarding experience.

Program Duration

3 years (part-time training)

Academic Year

9 months (September - May)

List of Programmes

  • Geoecology
  • Biological Sciences (Ecology)
  • Computer Science and Engineering (Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Methods and Programme Systems)
  • General Pedagogy, History of Education and Pedagogy
  • Theory and Methodology of Teaching and Education (by areas and levels of education) (Informatics)
  • Methodology of Professional Education
  • Physical Education and Training
  • Russian Literature
  • Theoretical, Applied, Comparative and Contrastive Linguistics
  • World History
  • Russian History
  • Philosophy (Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Culture)
  • Labor and Engineering Psychology, Cognitive Ergonomics