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Mission and Vision


We will be the leading higher education institution in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area - Yugra.

We will train highly qualified, competent and successful professionals in various fields of economics and education.


NVSU is a recognized higher education institution which aims at providing its students with high quality training.

NVSU is one of the first higher educational institutions in the region and it aims at honouring and promoting its traditions.

NVSU aims at continuing its innovative educational practices.

NVSU strives to further its successful development as a regional centre for international cooperation.


Focus on quality - we provide educational services of such quality level that ensures the respect and loyalty of our consumers;

Focus on customers - the customer is the most important figure and a partner in our business. Our main task is to meet customer’s needs;

Focus on staff - we promote the spirit of corporate culture and team work. The success of our university depends on the work of each member of our staff. We support each other and rejoice in victories. We welcome the cooperation of our staff with leaders and management at every level, promote exchange of ideas, free discussion of various issues aimed increasing organizational effectiveness and improving the quality of life and social conditions of our employees;

Our main objective in terms of quality is to offer and implement educational services on the market, satisfy customer requirements, and enhance the competitiveness of our university.


To fulfill our mission as the leading education institution in the region, we have adopted the following education policy:

  •  Ensuring the ongoing improvement of quality educational processes, methods and techniques;
  •  Enhancing the quality of education by:

           - Integrating education and science;

           - Applying more practice-based models of education;

           - Using innovative information technologies as well as advanced teaching and technical resources;

  • Providing opportunities for continuous professional development within our teaching staff;
  • Establishing partnerships with regional employers in order to secure careers for our graduates;
  • Following the terms of our quality management system; 
  • Remaining the leading higher education institution in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yugra.



 Blue is the colour of persistence, gravity and rigour. This colour evokes  contemplation of  life,  its meaning and search for truth.

 Each element of the crest has its own significance:

 The book is associated with knowledge, nobility, source of knowledge and an  interest  in the  world. An open book thus calls to mind a book of life and learning,  and a spirit of  wisdom,  revelation and wisdom.

 The square academic cap is a symbol of academic achievement and university  degree. It  signifies integrity, versatility and confidence of those who have gained knowledge through  education.

The power of the rising sun represents light, ascent and life.

The crest also features the year of the university’s foundation and three Ob-Ugric ornaments.