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Faculty of Ecology and Engineering
Vyacheslav Ivanov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Dean: Vyacheslav Ivanov, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Address: 11 Dzerzhinskogo Street, Building 4, Room 314
Tel: +7 (3466) 436 586


The Faculty of Ecology and Engineering was established on September 1, 1998.

Currently, the Faculty holds three departments:

The Faculty offers integrated degree programs in geography, chemistry, biology, ecology and life safety.

The teaching staff takes care of the study and research process. It is represented by professors, doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, Full Members and Corresponding Members of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Honored Associates of Russian Higher Institutes of Education, Honored Associates of Education in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area Yugra.

The Faculty’s research is of a high caliber, with topics that focus on the issues of geography and natural sciences, development of educational system, and issues of ecological sanitation of the Ugra territory: forecasts, analysis and solutions. There are more than 130 scientific and scholary works published every year. There is a large number of monographs, study guides, laboratory-based articles, journal reports, collections of scientific papers and conference proceedings of different ranks. The Faculty’s teachers are regularly awarded with regional research grants.

Our Faculty has developed strong relationships with national and international universities, research organizations, and companies. We have hosted delegations from universities of France, Japan, Czech Republic, China, Spain, and Finland. The Faculty has participated in the International Tempus Project, “Education as a basis for sustainable uses of natural resources”, carried out in associate with the University of Hanover and the Institute for Landscape Design, Ehrfuhrt (Germany), the University of Vienna (Austria), the Institute of Geography (SB RAS, Moscow), and the Universities of Belgorod, Maikop and Astrakhan (Russia).

The Faculty of Ecology and Enginering participated in the international project of Tempus IV "Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies".


Bachelor Programmes


  • Ecology and Environmental Management (Ecology)

  • Heat Power Engineering and Technologies (Industrial Heat Power Engineering)

  • Land Management and Property Cadastres (Geodetic Support of Land Management and Property Cadastres)

  • Teacher Education (Health and Safety Education)

  • Technosphere Safety (Workplace Safety) 

  • Oil and Gas Engineering (Operation and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Production Facilities)

  • Automation of Technological Processes and Production in Oil and Gas Industry (Automation Computer Systems in Oil and Gas Industry)

  • Power and Electrical Engineering (Electricity Supply/Electrical Equipment and Electric Power Facilities of Enterprises, Organizations and Companies)


Master Programmes


  • Cartography and Geoinformatics (Cartography)

  • Biology (Ecology)

  • Power and Electrical Engineering (Relay Protection and Automation of Power Systems)

  • Heat Power Engineering and Technologies (Industrial Heat Power Engineering)

  • Environmental and Water Management (Environmental Territorial Development)

  • Oil and Gas Engineering (Management of Well Operation and Maintenance)

  • Ecology and Environmental Management (Environmental Management and Sustainable Development)

  • Teacher Education (Biology)

  • Teacher Education (Geography)


Postgraduate Programmes

  • Geoecology
  • Biological Sciences (Ecology)