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Index STUDY Faculty of Humanities
Department for Humanities, Social Studies and Tourism
Natalia Penkina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Head of Department: Natalia Penkina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences
Address: 3B Mira Street, Building 2, Room 317
Tel: +7 3466 273 550

This a new university department established in September 2015, as a result of merging the Department for Cultural Services and Tourism and Department for Cultural Studies, Philosophy and Social Sciences. The department staff includes 12 members – 1 professor, Doctor of Sciences, 11 associate professors, Candidate of Sciences, and 1 senior lecturer.

The department provides bachelor, master and postgraduate training in the following fields:

-   Tourism and travel services

-   Youth outreach technologies and services

-   Social and cultural services

-   Philosophy, ethics and religion studies

-   History of culture

-   History of philosophy

The Department members and students take regular part in various local, national and international competitions, programs and workshops.

Bachelor Programs

43.03.02. Tourism (Technologies and Arrangement of Travel Operators and Agency Services)


Master Programs

43.04.02. Tourism (Organization and Management of Travel Companies)