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Index STUDY Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology
Department for Educational and Developmental Psychology
Oksana Romanko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Head of Department: Oksana Romanko, Associate Professor, Candidate of Psychological Sciences
Address: 56 Lenina st., Room 310
Tel: +7 (3466) 451 042

The Department for Education and Developmental Psychology was opened in 2004. Major research areas include:

-          Development of an individual in different psychological environments: family, education, professional community;

-          Social adaptation, re-socialization and personality deformations of minors.

The Department is providing modern and relevant professional training in psychology and supporting creative and professional activities of students. We are focused on raising competitiveness and high quality of teaching and research activities.

The main activities of the Department include:

1. Teaching and training in line with world standards;

2. Training highly qualified teachers and educators;

3. Research and development activities;

4. Maintaining the strategic priorities of the Department and the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology.

Our work is based on the principles of constant link between teaching and research and commitment to continuous improvement of personal educational level and self-development.

Our Department cooperates with local educational institutions and rakes regular part local, national, and international conferences and competitions.

The Department members are actively involved in the international cooperation. First, the Department joined the University of Tartu (Estonia) in the international research project The Russian Character and Personality Survey.Its general purpose is mapping personality traits, national character and values in Russia, one of the largest countries in the world. Visit the project website:


Starting from 2012 our department members, together with colleagues from JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland), University College of South Denmark (Denmark), and St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work (Russia),have been participating in Nordic-Russian Cooperation Program. The idea of the collaboration is to build multidisciplinary network of higher education institutions between Nordic countries and Russia. In this project participants will develop open courseware for joint virtual training courses. The theme of this training is “Social integration of minority and migrant children in Denmark, Finland and Russia”, which is a very current topic for multidisciplinary cooperation in different countries all over the world. Visit the project website:

 In 2013 our Department joined the European Commission Tempus IV project “Evaluation of Quality of Cooperation in Education Ecosystem as a Mechanism for Building Professional Competencies - E3M” promoting the reformation and modernization of the higher education in the Russian Federation. The specific objectives are to assess the cooperation between HEIs and working life, to implement action plans to enhance working life relevance and cooperation and to increase the know-how of HEI staff in working life cooperation methods and ways of integrating them into curricula. Visit the project website:


Bachelor Programs

39.03.02. Social Work (Social Services)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Pre-school Education)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Primary Education)


Master Programs

44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (Innovations in Teaching)