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Fulbright Program Opportunities for NVSU Students and Staff: outcomes of the online seminar

NVSU has completed the 3-day interactive online seminar on Fulbright Program Opportunities for Students and Staff of Nizhnevartovsk State University. The seminar attendees learned about the opportunities of Fulbright Program in the USA and received feedback on the experience of Fulbright alumni.

The first day was devoted to the information on the US system of higher education and Fulbright Program, and group discussions and presentations of the following subjects:

  • Reasons to study in the USA.
  • Potential challenges of studying in the US.
  • Opportunities and benefits offered by Fulbright Program.


The first day also included a quiz “What we know about the USA”. Here is the list of quiz winners:

Group 1:

Group 2:

1st place: Irina Vinevtseva;

1st place: Pavel Ryakhov;

2nd place: Arina Kashapova;

2nd place: Lilya Biisova;

3rd place: Valeriya Nekrasova;

3rd place: Polina Budaeva;

4th place: Angelina Ivanova;

4th place: Alina Shcherban;

5th place: Elizaveta Mozharova

5th place: Aigul Khairullina


On the second day of the seminar, Oksana Moroz, the Head of the International Office, spoke on her participating in the Fulbright Program in 2016 as a member of Russia International Education Administrators Program. Another Fulbright Alumni, Yana Kraichinskaya, shared her experience of joining a master degree program at SIT Graduate Institute (Brattleboro, Vermont) under Fulbright Visiting Graduate Student Program and gave practical recommendations on writing an application, Study/ Research objective and Personal Statement.

After the presentations from Fulbright alumni, seminar participants worked on their essays (Study/ Research objective) and Personal Statement in teams.


The third day included a poster session and group discussions devoted to the following issues:

  • 10 well-known and little known facts about the USA.
  • US attractions, landmarks and landscape
  • American culture: traditions and milestones of American history
  • Studying in the US: importance of intercultural communication?
  • Studying in the US: cultural shock and ways to overcome it

In the end, the seminar participants joined the second quiz to check their understanding of the US system of higher education and Fulnright Program. Here is the list of quiz winners:

Group 1:

Group 2:

1st place: Irina Vinevtseva;

1st place: Aigul Khairullina;

2nd place: Valeriya Nekrasova;

2nd place: Anastasiya Davydova;

3rd place: Irina Bezukladova;

3rd place: Arina Tishchenko;

4th place: Angellina Ivanova;

4th place: Arina Ezhukova;

5th place: Lidiya Udalova

5th place: Polina Budaeva

This 3 day seminar was aimed at supporting the adaptation of future foreign students and their immersion into the intercultural environment. All participants will be awarded with packs of seminar materials, while quiz winners will be awarded with memorable prizes.

The seminar was sponsored by the Fulbright Small Grants Program.