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Danish students share their impressions of studying at NVSU

Nizhnevartovsk State University and University College of South Denmark have exchanged students and faculty members for a number of years. Between 2014 and 2017, 10 NVSU students have studied at University College of South Denmark through academic mobility programmes: Denmark National Study Grant and Erasmus+ scholarships for mobility of individuals.

In March 2016, NVSU welcomed first exchange students from UCSYD. In March 2017, NVSU welcomed Kim Hultgreen and Simone Duus, 2nd year UCSYD students, grantees of the Erasmus+ scholarship.

During March-May 2017, Kim and Simone had social education training at the following educationalinstitutions of Nizhnevartovsk: Kindergarten є17 "Ladushki",  Izluchinsk Boarding School for Children with Hearing Disabilities, Social Care Support Center for Children and Families "Kardeia", Nizhnevartovsk Sanatorium Secondary School, Center for Children and Youth Technical Creativity "Patriot", Integrated center for Social Services to the Population "Dialog". For successful adaptation in the new and cultural setting, UCSYD students took a short-term Russian language course.

While practical training at NVSU, Danish students had an opportunity to compare Danish and Russian education systems. Kim and Simone noted that despite being different in a number of ways, Danish and Russian education systems share common goals and values. Simone, who studies preschool education at UCSYD, pointed out that she was delighted to visit and observe public and private kindergartens, compare teaching approaches and methodologies.

Kim, who specializes in inclusive education, was keen to learn more about special needs education. He was impressed that several specialized institutions in Nizhnevartovsk are doing a great job in trying to provide employment opportunities for their students and helping them to unleash their professional potential. Kim and Simone praised the organization of the practical training and the support they received throughout the training period.


    In their free time, Kim and Simone enjoyed walking around the town, visited all the sights and especially  liked the symbol of Nizhnevartovsk, Monument to the Conquerors of Samotlor "Alesha". They also mentioned that they would have loved to visit Nizhnevartovsk during summertime. One of the things that impressed them the most was the Russian hospitality, something they had never seen before.






The students are determined to share their experience with peers at home and encourage

them to study at NVSU!