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Department for Ecology held Research project competition within Jean Monnet Module

On the 4th of April, 2017 Department for Ecology held a research project competition among school pupils and university and college students of the region. The competition was held as a part of Jean Monnet Module “Interaction of environment and human health: Experience of the European Union” activities, 574826-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE.

The competition was held as a part of section titled “Environment and human health” of XIX National Student Conference in Nizhnevartovsk State University. There were 60 research projects from 25 HEIs of Russia, 3 colleges and 7 schools.

The competition aimed at extending student research activities related to the studies of correlation between the state of the environment and public health and its studies in Russia and EU; introducing participants to the European experience in the field and facilitate career choice for students and school pupils.  

Research topics can be grouped as follows: correlation between the state of the environment and public health, diseases caused by the state of environment, nutrition and health, human body adaptation to poor ecological conditions.

Works focused both on theoretical analyses of scientific work and on experimental data and practical recommendations that can be applied in educational process.

Jury assessed works according to the 6 criteria:

  • work content and stated theme, goals and objectives;
  • research rationale;
  • relevance of research;
  • practical implications;
  • quality of research formatting, competition requirements.


The following works were noted for the high quality of research:

Among students:

  • Perfil’eva E.E. Topic: Assessment of harm from dust emission of construction industry. Volgograd, “Volgograd Technical University”.
  • Burygina I.G. Topic: Special aspects of correlation between physical development and cognitive development in children of pre-school age living in conditions of poor urbanization. Samara, “Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities”.
  • Kurtukova N.V. Topic: Cardio-vascular disfunctions among students of a northern university. Nizhnevartovsk, “Nizhnevartovsk State University”.
  • Naumenko N.G. Topic: Blood biochemical values of residents of Tyumen City. Tyumen, Tyumen State University.
  • Mos’kina T.S. Bioecological analysis of illness frequency of opistorchiasis in Nizhnevartovsk and Nizhnevartovsk region. Samara, “Samara State Academy of Social Sciences and Humanities”.
  • Ermoshkina E.A. Topic: Oxygen saturation of blood depending on season and concentration of antigipoxants in the diet of students living in the north. Nizhnevartovsk, “Nizhnevartovsk State University”.
  • Korshunova M.B. Topic: Main groups of allergenic plants of Surgut. Surgut, “Surgut State University”.

Among school students:

  • Bragina A.A. Topic: Influence of climate on increased sedentary lifestyle among people living in different regions of Russia. Nizhnevartovsk, “School є11”.
  • Sizentsev D.A. Topic: Comparison of electromagnetic rays of PCs and laptops. Strezhevoy, “Gymnasium є1”.
  • Ahmerova A.Sh. Topic: Assessment of adaptiveness of teenagers living in the Northern conditions. Nizhnevartovsk, “School є 14”.
  • Petuhova A. Ju. Topic: Influence of weather conditions on pupils’ productivity. Nizhnevartovsk, “E. I. Kuropatkin Multidisciplinary School є2».

Congratulations to all the participants!


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