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NVSU student took part in the International Summer School at the University of Barcelona

This summer, July 2-24, Olga Zhmakina, a 3rd year NVSU student of the Faculty of Humanities, took part in the International Summer School of the University of Barcelona.

Following the cooperation agreement between the University of Barcelona and NVSU, the Spanish partner offered NVSU students scholarships to participate in the International Summer School. The school, held every July, welcomes students from all around the world and offers a variety of courses in English. The school participants acquire and expand their knowledge in various fields, such as art, culture, natural and social sciences.

Olga Zhmakina took a course of Outcast Barcelona: from Picaresque to Pintoresque. The course, designed by UdB teachers and researchers, aims to tell the learners about the little-known areas of Barcelona, from the late 19th century to modern days. The course presents a critical analysis of the urban lifestyle of Barcelona and clarifies the role of the lower classes, temporary workers, migrants and marginalized citizens and their interaction with the city elite.

The course was rather intense and dynamic, with lectures followed by tours around Barcelona. According to NVSU student Olga, the course enabled her to gain new knowledge and invaluable cultural experience and develop an enriched impression of the country, its culture and language. Upon completion of this course, the participants were awarded certificates for 6 credits (6 ECTS).

In April 2017, NVSU will announce a new competition to select students for the next Summer School of the University of Barcelona.