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                                                                        Russian language courses for foreign students at 


We offer high quality language training from certified teachers of the Russian language and a warm friendly atmosphere where you could comfortably immerse in the new language and cultural setting.

NVSU provides high quality language courses for students who plan to study at NVSU, or anyone interested in learning Russian language and culture. Students of any level, from basic to advanced are welcomed to join our courses. Apart from language centered classes, you will get to know a lot more about Russia, ranging from system of education to essential “survival kit” tips for living in Russia.

NVSU provides the following types of Russian language courses:

1) General Russian Language (2 semesters – 1 academic year)

Course dates: September - June

Tuition fee: RUB 120 000 per year (subject to change).

Students acquire a good command of the Russian language, learn about Russian culture and literature, and master the techniques of teaching Russian as a foreign language. Advanced students can choose among lectures or workshops on the Russian language, literature, culture and civilization, or take a course in Business Russian (communication and correspondence).

2) Preparatory Course (2 semesters – 1 academic year)

Course dates: September - June

Tuition fee: RUB 120 000 per year (subject to change).

The 1st semester focuses on learning Russian Language from the "zero" level. The 2nd semester is devoted to the study of the basic terminology and grammatical structures of the academic language of three disciplines of the specialisation and includes three general education subjects from the student's specialisation area.

Nizhnevartovsk State University offers preparatory courses in the following academic fields:

  • Economic Sciences;
  • Engineering and Technology;
  • Humanities;
  • Natural Sciences.

                                                                                                 HOW TO APPLY

Admission starts on June, 1 and ends on July, 15.

In order to sign in for a course, you are required: 

  1. Fill in online application form;
  2. Send the below mentioned documents to
  • Scanned copy of your foreign passport;
  • Scanned copy of your education certificate/diploma translated into English.

NVSU International office will contact you by email within 5 days of getting your application form to confirm that you’re signed in.

Please, note that your application will not considered unless you provide all the required documents.

It takes 30 working days to receive an official University invitation issued by Department of the Federal Migration Service.


Upon your arrival at Nizhnevartovsk State University, you should also provide the following:

  • your foreign passport;
  • certificate of the HIV-negative status of the applicant;
  • medical assessment report, which proves the suitable medical condition of an applicant
  • six photos of 4x6 size.

Living conditions

University’s hall of residence is located on 60a Severnaya street, from which you can easily get to all University buildings by public transport or a taxi. Students live in two or three-bedroom furnished apartments with shared bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms and of course, Wi-Fi. Two to three students normally share one room. 

Medical insurance: RUB 5000 per one year (subject to change).


For further information, please contact:

International Office,

Nizhnevartovsk State University,