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NVSU students have completed Chinese language course

Students of NVSU have completed the Chinese language course “Chinese Bridge: Riding the Wind to Learn Chinese, Riding the Waves to Appreciate Intangible Cultural Heritage”. In order to meet the learning needs of Russian Chinese lovers, this course uses Chinese learning and exchange as the carrier, focusing on the national and provincial intangible cultural heritage, promoting cultural exchanges and mutual learning, demonstrating China's long history and culture. The course was implemented jointly with Shandong Technology and Business University (China) from November 4 to December 17, 2023. The course was approved by the Ministry of Education of China.

70 students of Nizhnevartovsk State University took part in the course and learnt the basics of the Chinese language and culture. During the course teachers of Shandong Technology and Business University held practical lessons and workshops. Through an open online learning platform the course helped participants of Chinese Bridge Delegation to master everyday Chinese expressions which relate to study and life in China. Combined with language learning, participants acquired social and cultural knowledge through engaging daily life scenarios.

All of the participants were awarded with participation certificates.