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The Faculty of Ecology and Engineering hosted a seminar “Environment and Human Health: EU Experience” within Jean Monnet Module

December 16th the Department for Ecology at the Faculty of Ecology and Engineering host a seminar titled “Environment and Human Health: EU Experience”. The seminar was organized by Denis Pogonyshev, Head of the Department for Egology, and Irina Pogonysheva, Assistant Professor at the Department. The main objective iwas to provide platform for discussion on opportunities to use European experience in managing issues related to environmental interrelation with human health in domestic practices.

The following key issues were discussed:

  1. European process “Environment and human health”. Tendencies and current research in the field of environment and human health funded by EU.
  2. Risk factors for human health inflicted by the environment that are acknowledged in the EU. Diseases connected with the environmental influence officially registered in the EU and in Russia.
  3. Hazardous chemicals and xenobiotics in food and the environment.
  4. Climate change, climate influence of human health, preventative measures in the EU.
  5. Environment hygiene. Drinking water quality. Safe water supply. 

Professors, students and PhD candidates of the Faculty of Nizhnevartovsk State University presented their research findings on the topic. The seminar will result into a publication of the seminar proceedings. The proceedings will be published on and will be included in Russian Science Citation Index.


The following presentation were given during the seminar:

1. Irina Pogonysheva, Candidate of Biological Science, Associate Professor - European process “Environment and human health”

2. Viktoria Postnikova, Master’s Candidate, Ecology and Environmental Management program – European research on the influence of heavy metals on human health conducted by WHO

3. Vera Kuznetsova, Candidate of Geographical Science, Associate Professor - Climate change, climate influence of human health, preventative measures in the EU

4. Natalia Kurtukova, Master’s Candidate, Biology Program – Ecological aspects of human nutrition in EU

5. Olga Skorobogatova, Candidate of Biological Science, Associate Professor – European experience of sustainable use of fresh water.

6. Inna Lunyak, PhD Candidate, Biology Program – WHO research on noise pollution and its influence on the environment and human health

7. Tatiana Storchak, Candidate of Biological Science, Associate Professor – Quality requirements for surface waters and water bodies monitoring in EU


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