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Department for Commerce and Management launches Jean Monnet Module “Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience”

Within 2016 call, 833 applications have been submitted from all around the world. 141 applications were approved for funding, among which are 11 projects involving Russian Universities and educational institutions. NVSU submitted 8 applications: 6 modules, one project,  one chair. Module Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience” (587650-EPP-1-2017-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE) was approved for funding. Module Academic Coordinator is Oksana Kozlova, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department for Commerce and Management, Module Coordinator is Inna Volkova Head of the Department for Commerce and Management On September 19, 2017 the department officially launched the module and hosted a kick-off seminar for students studying “Trade” and “Management”.

Yana Kraychinskaya, Project Manager of the International Office at NVSU started the seminar with a presentation on the Jean Monnet program, grant types and opportunities for students. Oksana Kozlova, Professor of the Department, gave an overview of the Module, its goals and objectives, expected outcomes and its content. Inna Volkova, Head of the Department, talked about the organizational issues of the course.

Students expressed great interest in the planned Module events and the course. Representatives of the business community of Nizhnevartovsk also noted importance of this work. Anna Chernukhina, Head of Nizhnevartovsk Branch of Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund, participated in the facilitation session and emphasized the importance and timeliness of such project.


The coordinators hope that the Module will promote entrepreneurial thinking among the students, contribute to the innovative thinking, form ecological competencies of future entrepreneurs, and continue implementation of the regional program “Lean Region”.

For information, Jean Monnet program is aimed at stimulating teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies at the level of higher education institutions within and outside the European Community, increasing knowledge about the processes of European integration in relation to history, politics, economy and European Union legislation and the EU's relations with other regions of the world. The main objective of the program is to bring the European dimension to the systems of higher education.