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The Student Council is the main student self-governance body of our University. It is aimed at organizing fruitful extracurricular activities, ensuring effective interaction of NVSU teachers, administrators and students, and developing human resources for the community by improving and testing student working and managerial skills.



The Council is performing the following activities and services:

  • coordinating student government bodies at the faculties;
  • supporting student self-government and management;
  • engaging students in social life of the university and local community;
  • taking part in decision-making of the Scholarship Committee;
  • cooperating with non-governmental organizations of the University (Student Union, Dormitory, etc.);
  • cooperating with other student management entities in various educational institutions by delegating student representatives;
  • holding regular Student Council meetings and informing students of their results and decisions;
  • improving educational, cultural, sports, recreation and leisure activities for students;
  • organizing extracurricular theme events, performances, student parties, concerts etc.;
  • adopting norms and rules for the student community;
  • promoting healthy lifestyle, improving student accommodation conditions etc.

The work of the Council is based on the following principles:

  • voluntary service, transparency, accessibility, legality, regularity, open communication;
  • free election of council members held at the general meetings of students of all faculties;
  • accountability of elected members to the students;
  • initiative and collegiality in decision-making;
  • responsibility for implementing the decisions.

The Council is an excellent platform for testing your managerial skills. The Council chief and faculty representatives are elected annually. Any student can take part in council elections, become a faculty representative candidate and join in to handle various university affairs. The Student Council performs extra-curriculum activities which are sure to make student life curious, enjoyable and fun. The Council will help you master you managerial skills and self-discipline and become a prepared competitive professional.

Contact us

Contact Person: Marina Khafizova

Address: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 203a

Tel.: +7 (3466) 451 799