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The Culture and Sports Sector is involved in the following activities and services:

- organizing participation in public cultural and sports activities;

- organizing student creative associations and clubs;

- organizing sports clubs and events at NVSU.

The Sector is focused on two major areas of student extra-curriculum activities – sports and culture.

Culture and Creative Work

Our students are welcome to join various dance, music, fashion and social projects and clubs.The Sector supports and promotes the activities of the following creative clubs and cultural student associations:


The University Sports Club is aimed at promoting healthy environment, physical culture and sports. It unites young people aspiring to an active and healthy lifestyle.

You can join the following sports and recreation clubs and classes:

You might also take part in annual student sports competitions organized by the University Sports Club, including contests in football, volleyball, table tennis and swimming contests among the faculties. Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in various competitions, gatherings and marches.

Contact us

Contact Person: Yevgeniy Mitrofanov

Address: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 301

Tel.: +7 (3466) 451 799