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The experts of Financial Support Sector are ready to provide information and advice on all aspects of student finance to both current and prospective students. Financial support is dutifully provided to students from socially vulnerable families, orphans, disabled students, indigenous students.


The activities of the Financial Support Sector include the following:

  • funding for the Department of Student Affairs;
  • providing consulting on all types of financial assistance;
  • grant activities;
  • development and use of student budget;
  • allocating the public funds for targeted programs of the Department of Student Affairs;
  • attracting additional financing, etc.

Those students who display outstanding academic performance will get an opportunity to be awarded the following scholarships and grants:

  • Scholarship from the Governor of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Ugra;
  • Mayor’s Scholarship;
  • NVSU Rector’s Scholarship;
  • NVSU Academic Council’s Scholarship and many others.

The students actively participating in scientific, sporting, public and other university affairs are regularly given financial rewards.


Contact us

Contact Person: Alina Akhmedullaeva

Address: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 119

Tel.: +7 (3466) 466 014