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News and events
03.11.2020 NVSU will take part in the international project supported by the UK Government scholarship
Nizhnevartovsk State University joined the consortium of the international project "International scientific integration of early career researchers (ISInCAR)". It was supported within call for proposals of the British Embassy Moscow and the British Consulate General Ekaterinburg in 2020-2021 to implement cooperative Russian-British initiatives. The project aims at improving scientific research, promoting knowledge exchange and implementing international exchange (learning languages, customs) into community of young scientists. Timeframe: April 2020 - February 2023.

03.11.2020 Opening up new horizons: cooperation of NVSU and Shandong Technology and Business University (China)
Nizhnevartovsk State University has signed a cooperation agreement in science and education with Shandong Technology and Business University (Yantai, China). According to the agreement, universities have the following aims: organizing academic mobility of staff, students and post-graduate students: organizing joint scientific and practical symposiums, conferences, workshops, publication of reports and articles; organizing and implementing joint international projects, introducing new educational technologies.

22.06.2020 Fulbright Program Opportunities for NVSU Students and Staff: outcomes of the online seminar
NVSU has completed the 3-day interactive online seminar on Fulbright Program Opportunities for Students and Staff of Nizhnevartovsk State University. The seminar attendees learned about the opportunities of Fulbright Program in the USA and received feedback on the experience of Fulbright alumni. The first day was devoted to the information on the US system of higher education and Fulbright Program, and group discussions and presentations of the following subjects.

11.06.2020 A project by NVSU International Office approved for Fulbright program funding
An application for the project Fulbright Programme Opportunities for Students and Staff of Nizhnevartovsk State University proposed by NVSU International Office has been approved for funding by Fulbright programme. The project will include a 3-day online seminar organized together with Fulbright Alumni at Nizhnevartovsk State University. The seminar will be held on 9-11 June and shall use Zoom, Miro and Skype platform to organize conference call and group activities for NVSU students, lecturers and employees. During the seminar, the seminar organizers will touch upon the opportunities of Fulbright Progamme and share the experience of being a Fulbright grantee.

10.06.2020 NVSU application for Fulbright approved for funding
Following the call for Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) program for Academic Year 2020-2021, an application to invite an American scholarship holder to NVSU to teach English at the Department for Linguistics and Translation was approved for funding. An English Teaching Assistant is to start at Nizhnevartovsk State University on January 15, 2021. Each year, the ETA program gives an opportunity to about 25 American scholarship holders to come to Russia as English Teaching Assistants. The Fulbright office in Moscow is responsible for assigning program participants Russian universities. The participants are to teach at any Russian university, except for universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg, for one academic year.

09.06.2020 A new project of NVSU and JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Finland)
A joint project of the Nizhnevartovsk State University and JAMK University of Applied Sciences (Jyväskylä, Finland) was approved for funding following the call for proposals of the Finnish-Russian Student Exchange Program (FIRST). The FIRST student exchange program is based on network cooperation between Finnish and Russian higher education institutions and bilateral student exchange in agreed fields of study. The program is aimed at developing student and teacher mobility and exchanges. The joint NVSU and JAMK project involves an intensive course in Responsible Entrepreneurship in Tourism with a Focus on Accessible Tourism to be held in April 2021 at NVSU. The course will cover Finnish and Russian practices in promoting green skills and developing environmental culture in business. The project will involve members of JAMK University, and NVSU students and lecturers.

19.03.2020 Danish students are getting used to studying at NVSU
NSVU held an orientation week for students of University College of South Denmark (UC SYD). During that week, foreign students learned about the Russian culture and customs and had a tour of the city and the university. 2nd year students from UC SYD, Anja Holz and Julia-Diana Zernecke, had come to NVSU to take practical training at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology and study the program in Social Education as part of the Erasmus + student mobility program (Key Action 1: Credit mobility).

19.03.2020 First NVSU students returned from Germany
Students of the Faculty of Humanities, Arina Safina and Irina Bezukladova, returned from the University of Applied Languages in Munich (SDI - Sprachen & Dolmetscher Institut München) where they had studied during autumn semester of 2019 within Erasmus+ Program. Here is what they shared about their experience of studying in Germany.

17.03.2020 NVSU has taken part in a seminar on student support services
On February 5-7, 2020, Daria Polyakova, member of NVSU International Office, took part a practical seminar on the development of student support services, held at Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Monterrey, Mexico). Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education is a private university in Mexico and one of the country’s leading institutions of higher education. This seminar was a part in joint work of student and international services of partner universities. The seminar agenda included discussions of various practices and activities aimed at supporting student community, such as improving living and eating conditions, creating a harmonious socio-cultural environment on campus, supporting cultural identity, and developing youth social activity.

16.03.2020 NVSU students has returned from study in Latvia
Students of the Faculty of Information Technology and Mathematics, Anna Pluzyan and Yerbol Zhakenov studied at the University of Liepaja during the fall semester of 2019 as part of the Erasmus + program. Anna and Erbol talked about studying in Europe.

16.03.2020 Communication without borders
Yerbol Zhakenov and Anna Pluzyan, students of NVSU Faculty of Information Technology and Mathematics, have attended the seminar “Communication without borders” held on November 1-9, 2019 in Berlin (Germany). Seminar participants have studied visual communication tools and discussed the homework received at one of the seminar stages. Yerbol Zhakenov says, “The seminar was very bright and namable. It was very interesting to meet people from different countries like Greece, Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Latvia and other. The participants introduced their countries and presented national dishes. It was a great opportunity to get to know a different culture.” NVSU students will take part in the third stage of the seminar which is to be held in Sochi in 2020.

12.03.2020 NVSU student has returned from Finland
Rostislav Nikulitsa, a student of NVSU Faculty of Arts and Design, has completed his studies in Finland and returned home. Rostislav spent an autumn semester at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä studying the program of Musical Education. “The educational program depends solely on the students’ musical preferences and technical skills, with the main emphasis on practice. I think this a huge plus of studying at JAMK University of Applied Sciences,” said Rostislav.

06.03.2020 Liepaja University Lecturer visits NVSU
Liepaja University Lecturer Patriks Morevs (Latvia) visited Nizhnevartovsk State University, a LiepU partner university. During his visit, Patriks Morevs was giving lectures on analytic geometric and mathematical analysis to NVSU bachelor students majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Computer Science and Computer Engineering, Information Systems and Technologies, and Pedagogical Education. The students also learned about the benefits of the Erasmus+ program, the opportunities to study abroad, and about Liepaja University. A month earlier, Ramil Mammadli, a lecturer of the NVSU Faculty of Information Technologies and Mathematics, had given lectures on data bases and programming to students of the University of Liepaja majoring in Information Technologies. The visit of Patrick Morevs was the final event of the project on academic mobility of students and teachers between the Nizhnevartovsk State University and Liepaja University (Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals). During the visit, members of partner universities discussed further cooperation in education and research.

06.03.2020 An NVSU lecturer gave a course of lectures at the University of Liepaja
Ramil Mammadli, Associate Professor at the NVSU Department for Computer Science and Methods of Teaching Computer Science, has returned from Latvia, where he taught at the University of Liepaja (Liepaja, Latvia). The visit was financed by the EU Erasmus+ 2014-2020 program, as part of the project on academic mobility of students and teachers (Key Action 1: Learning mobility of individuals) between Nizhnevartovsk State University and the University of Liepaja. Ramil Mammadli gave a 12-hour course on Advanced Database Technologies to students majoring in Information Technology. The course included lectures on Transact-SQL programming, dynamic SQL, stored procedures and user-defined functions, triggers, cursors, XML, and spatial data.

06.03.2020 NVSU has held a research and methodical seminar on “Environment, Health and Climate change: Facing the challenges and Adapting to Impacts: Experience of the European Union”
On November 25, the Faculty of Ecology and Engineering, Nizhnevartovsk State University, held a scientific and methodical seminar “Environment, Health and Climate change: Facing the challenges and Adapting to Impacts: Experience of the European Union” joined by university professors, master and graduate students, as well as professionals in ecology, environmental management, and geoecology. The seminar participants discussed the issues of paleoclimatology, climate change, aquatic ecosystems, biological diversity, impact of climate change on public health, implementation of adaptation programs in EU countries, international agreements on climate change and adaptation to the effects of change and climate change indicators: EU research. The results of the seminar are to be published as e-version book of seminar proceedings uploaded on the platform and included in the RSCI citation system. The seminar was part of Jean Monnet Module project “Environment, Health and Climate change: Facing the challenges and Adapting to Impacts: Experience of the European Union” (600178-EPP-1-2018-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE), financed by the European Commission. The seminar was organized by the NVSU Department for Ecology, Faculty of Ecology and Engineering. The Organizing Committee was represented by Denis Pogonyshev, First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for Research, and Irina Pogonysheva, Associate Professor of the Department for Ecology.

06.03.2020 Awareness raising seminar on Academic Mobility: Advantages and Latest Issues at NVSU
NVSU has held an annual awareness raising seminar titled Academic Mobility: Advantages and Latest Issues. The seminar participants were welcomed by Denis Pogonyshev, First Vice-Rector, Vice-Rector for Research, emphasizing that academic mobility was a priority area of the international activity at Nizhnevartovsk State University offering its students exceptional opportunities for a high quality education and research or internships abroad. Oksana Moroz, Head of NVSU International Office, discussed academic mobility, its types and specifics, as well as on the advantages of participating in academic mobility programs and areas of Erasmus+, the leading European Union program. A seminar guest Anastasiya Felde, a Chinese language teacher from Confucius Institute, Ural Federal University named after B.N. Yeltsin, spoke on language and culture teaching at Confucius Institute, possibilities of studying in China with financial support from the Chinese government, and students who took part in a summer school in China organized by the Confucius Institute. Confucius Institute is a network of international cultural and educational centers created by the State Chancellery of Chinese Language Abroad responsible for teaching of Chinese abroad, training and certifying teachers of Chinese, and holding educational events aimed at promoting Chinese culture and language.

22.10.2019 NVSU member took part in the Accessibility Forum
On October 10-12, NVSU member Olga Shakhova, Associate Professor, Department for Humanities, Social Studies and Tourism, took part in the Accessibility Forum, organized by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation and Tsinghua University in Beijing (China). Olga Shakhova gave a presentation on “Tourist and recreational development of territory for organization of accessible tourism: RU experience”.

14.10.2019 Erasmus+ UNISON project sums up in China
On September 18-20, 2019, the final conference to sum up the results of the Erasmus+ UNISON project (University-Enterprise Cooperation via Spin-Off Companies Network) was held in Yantai (China). The event was organized by the Chinese partners of the project: Yantai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Ludong University and Yantai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The conference was attended by representatives of 13 project partners: University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (Portugal), Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia), Iakob Gogebashvili Telavi State University (Georgia), Moscow State University of Geodesy and Cartography (Russia), Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics (Russia), Perm State University (Russia).

14.10.2019 Implementing Jean Monnet Projects in Russia: Best Practices
On September 18, the Delegation of the European Union to Russia together with the National Erasmus+ Office in Russia held the conference “Implementation of the Jean Monnet Project in Russia: Examples of Best Practices”,  dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Jean Monnet Project, the conference was attended by representatives of higher education institutions in Russia and academic coordinators of Jean Monnet Projects, who have successfully completed the project proposals and implemented the projects funded by the European Commission. Markus Ederer, the EU Ambassador to Russia, and Boris Zhelezov, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, welcomed conference participantsat the opening ceremony.

11.10.2019 New horizons of cooperation with PR China
Nizhnevartovsk State University has signed a cooperation agreement with the Yantai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. The signing ceremony took part in Yantai (PRC) as part of the final conference, the participants of which summed up the implementation of the Erasmus+ UNISON project “University-enterprise cooperation via spin-off companies network””. The structure of the company Yantai Hi-Tech includes the Sino-Russian innovative technology park, the largest in China. Residents of the technology park are 1,100 Chinese enterprises and organizations that actively cooperate with Russian partners. In 2010, by order of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, this Hi-tech industrial park was awarded the status of a national business incubator. It was also recognized as the forward innovative technology centre in Shandong Province.

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