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News and events
22.05.2018 NVSU Professor Hosted an Open Lecture in Moscow
On March 28, Inna Volkova, Professor of the Department for Commerce and Management, addressed the students of the Moscow State Institute of the Tourism Industry named after Yu. A. Senkevich with a lecture on the topic: "The Experience of the European Union Countries in Standardizing Quality Management Systems". The students wlearned about the results of a study on the European standardization experience, the advanced technologies for forming a quality system, and possible ways and directions for managing the quality of hotel and tourist services. The presented information is especially relevant for students of MSITI since they are studying in a double degree program in leading European universities. The meeting with the students of the University was held as part of the Dissemination of the results of the Jean Monnet Module "tandardization in Product Quality Management: EU Experience and Cooperation Prospects".

21.05.2018 Jean Monnet Course for 2017-2018 Completed
Faculty of Economics and Management successfully completed the second year of training on the course "Standardization in Product Quality Management: EU Experience and Cooperation Prospects".

21.05.2018 Danish Students Learn about Russian Culture
March 2-6, an orientation week for students from the University College of Southern Denmark (UC SYD) was held at Nizhnevartovsk State University. At the moment, second year students UCSYD, Fabian Pfannenschmidt and Zoer Zeidler are doing practical training within Erasmus + student exchange program (Key direction 1: Credit mobility). They are trained at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology in the field of Pedagogical Education.

21.05.2018 Jean Monnet open lectures within the Science Week at Nizhnevartovsk State University
Within the framework of the Science Week, Jean Monnet Modules the coordinators implemented a number of activities connected with JM Modules that are currently being implemented in NVSU. They were open to all interested in the topics.

16.05.2018 New Jean Monnet Course was Launched at the Department For Commerce and Management
March 27 at the Nizhnevartovsk State University launched a course within Jean Monnet Module "Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience".

16.05.2018 NVSU Staff Mobility within Erasmus+ Program is Picking Up Speed
Development of academic mobility of teachers is one of the priority directions of the international activity in NVSU. Academic mobility provides an opportunity to continue education, improve particular skills, and acquire experience in teaching or research work abroad.

10.05.2018 Department for Commerce and Management launched the second year of Jean Monnet module
February 5, at Faculty of Economics and Management, the first lecture was held within the second year of implementation of Jean Monnet Module "Standardization in Product Quality Management: EU Experience and Cooperation Prospects".

30.04.2018 Jean Monnet Module Coordinadors pesented Module research results in Yekaterinburg
Jean Monnet Module “Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience” Coordinators continue to disseminate module results on local and national levels. Oksana Kozlova, Dr. of Economics, Professor of the Department for Commerce and Management and Jean Monnet Module Coordinator took part in International Research Conference “Strategic Tasks for Technological Development of Agricultural Industry”. The conference was held on the 8th of February 2018 in Ural State Agrarian University in Yekaterinburg.

30.04.2018 Recognising success of participants of Jean Monnet Module
One of the main objectives of Jean Monnet activities is to foster interest to a particular field among young researchers. All Jean Monnet Modules that are being implemented in Nizhnevartovsk State University address this objective in different ways. Jean Monnet Module “Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience” has produced first students research paper on the topic of the module.

10.04.2018 Dissemination of the UNISON project results
Within the framework of the UNISON project, NVSU project team took part in a series of seminars held by the EU partner HEIs devoted to the study of the advanced EU practices of spin-off companies development. In order to reflect on the studied practices and effectively disseminate the outcomes, NVSU teachers and staff published research papers that review and analyze the mechanism of the EU knowledge transfer and commercialization of R&D through academic spin-offs.

13.02.2018 Opening up new horizons: student mobility with Artesis Plantejn University College (Antwerp, Belgium)
Yulia Cherkas, 4th year student of the Faculty of Economics and Management, has taken part in a student exchange programme at the Artesis Plantejn University College (Belgium) during the autumn semester 2017. In this interview Yulia shared her first impressions on living and studying in Belgium. Yulia has always been interested in studying abroad so when the call for applications to study at the Artesis Plantejn University College was announced, Yulia was one of the first ones to apply. Student exchange program with Artesis Plantejn University College is co-funded by the NVSU Rector’s grant to study abroad for distinguished students.

13.02.2018 Important notice for the NVSU students and teachers!
We are delighted to inform you that Information platform “Erasmus+ at NVSU” has been recently launched .Erasmus+ platform will navigate you to find all the relevant information about ongoing calls and projects within the Erasmus+ program key actions: KA1 “Mobility of Individuals”, KA2 “Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices”, Jean Monnet program. English version will be available soon.

13.02.2018 The Jean Monnet coordinator presented research results of Jean Monnet module in Yekaterinburg
Project team of the Jean Monnet Module “Developing Green Skills for Entrepreneurship and Business Based on the EU Experience” actively participates in the dissemination activities both at local and national levels. Oksana Kozlova, professor of the Department for commerce and management, academic coordinator of the Module, took part in the international scientific conference “Strategic objectives of AIC scientific and technological development”. The conference was held on February 8, 2018 at the Ural State Agricultural University. Oksana Kozlova delivered a presentation devoted to the results of the research conducted within the Module, namely “Mechanism of Eco-innovations development: EU experience” during the conference session on economics and development management of agriculture. The key topic “Innovative Ecological Initiatives: New Approaches” raised interest to in-depth discussion among the conference participants including representatives of HEIs from Kazakhstan, Spain and Czech Republic.

07.02.2018 The Deaprtment for Trade and Management is preparing for the Conference
The Department for Trade and Management continues to prepare for the International Research Conference "Standartisation and vertification: EU Experience and Cooperation Prospects". The conference will be held on the 5th of April, 2018.

30.01.2018 NVSU hosted a Seminar on Jean Monnet Activities and Call for Applications 2018
On 23rd January NVSU hosted a seminar titled “Preparing Applications within 2018 Call for Jean Monnet Activities”. The initiative supports research of European Union in order to promote European integration process in different fields of study. The seminar was organised by the Nizhnevartovsk State University International Office. The event was attended by heads of departments, professors, lecturers and researchers.

19.01.2018 NVSU students took part in Erasmus + programme at University College of South Denmark
Alina Shakirova and Anastasia Turabova, students of the Faculty of Humanities won the university competition to study at the University College of South Denmark - UCSYD in Aabenraa. They spent 5 months (August- December 2017) studying the college program of Crossing Borders: Cultural Diversity in Early Years Education. The students were awarded Erasmus+ scholarship, which is the most prestigious European student grant. It covers all costs of stay and study at a EU university (cost of travel, accommodation, visa costs and insurance). NVSU students had four training modules including: • Crossing Borders, an introductory course to introduce the students to the Danish education system and the Danish language; • Cultural Diversity in Education, a theoretical study and research in schools and pre-schools related to certain topics, such as inclusive education of children; • Educational Development Project, an independent student project involving three school classes on a particular subject. NVSU students made a photo project with a display of photographs made by children; • Practical Training Period in schools and pre-schools, with a portfolio on teaching techniques and educational system.

19.01.2018 New experience of student academic mobility with JAMK University of Applied Sciences
NVSU students continue to take part in international programs of academic mobility. Svetlana Podbolotova, 3rd year student of Faculty of Arts and Design, and Ivan Fomenko, 2nd year student of Faculty of Humanities has successfully completed his studies at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. The students spent autumn semester from August to December 2017 there. Svetlana and Ivan shared their positive impressions from this experience. Ivan learned about such things as working with integrated educational systems, developing study schedule beforehand etc. Svetlana was surprised that musical education was divided into 2 sections: classical and pop.

20.12.2017 The Faculty of Ecology and Engineering hosted a seminar “Environment and Human Health: EU Experience” within Jean Monnet Module
December 16th the Department for Ecology at the Faculty of Ecology and Engineering host a seminar titled “Environment and Human Health: EU Experience”. The seminar was organized by Denis Pogonyshev, Head of the Department for Egology, and Irina Pogonysheva, Assistant Professor at the Department. The main objective iwas to provide platform for discussion on opportunities to use European experience in managing issues related to environmental interrelation with human health in domestic practices.

13.12.2017 Staff mobility within Erasmus+ Program
Professor of NVSU are getting more and more involved in Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Initiatives. In the spring 2018 NVSU professor will go to University of Barcelona to give lectures in the partner institution within Key Action 1: “Learning Mobility of Individuals” of Erasmus + Program. Erasmus + scholarship is the most prestigious European student grant. The scholarship covers all costs associated with the stay and study at a foreign university (travel costs, accommodation costs, etc).

11.12.2017 Working group members discussed further steps in UNISON project implementation plan
On December 8, 2017 Nizhnevartovsk State University hosted a meeting of working group members of UNISON “University-enterprise cooperation via spin-off companies network” project. The project was approved for funding within 2016 call for proposals of the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices/ Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education.

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