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Interactive game

In April, 2021, The Department for Ecology held an interactive game "Climate change on the Earth" within Jean Monnet Module "Environment, Health and Climate change: Facing the challenges and Adapting to Impacts: Experience of the European Union". The game is aimed to raise awareness about environment issues and climate change in EU countries.  

1-year and 2-year Bachelor’s Degree students learned about glacier size, global sea level, coastal landforms, ecosystem transformation and relationship between the quality of life and climate change. 

The winners included 2-year students. Participants enjoyed the activity and got certificates of attendance and prizes.  

Mikhail Kuchumov, Moderator, Master's Degree student, Department for Ecology: "Climate change in regions of the Extreme North and equivalent areas has a dramatic impact on ecosystems and health of northern peoples. It is highly important they understand key points, reasons and consequences of changes and know how to adapt to conditions".