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Thematic lectures from ISInCAR project partners

In the framework of the international project "International scientific integration of early career researchers (ISInCAR)" Vitalii Khoroshavin, Director of the Institute of Earth Sciences of Tyumen State University, UTMN Research Supervisor of the Project gave the first online lecture "Climate change and water resources, dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena" for project participants. Participants learned climate history, main concepts in the field of climate change, its reasons of warming and potential impact.  

Each of 6 partner universities of the project will organize thematic lecture to introduce participants to key issues and aspects on climate change that will be useful for students in further collaborative research.

NVSU Project team:

Research Supervisor of the Project - Tatiana Storchak, Associate Professor, Head of the Department for Ecology

Students - Vera Protasova, 1st-year postgraduate student, "Ecology and Environmental Management"; Aleksandra Mingalimova, 2nd-year postgraduate student, "Biological Sciences (Ecology)"; Vladimir Isypov, 3rd-year postgraduate student, " Geosciences (Geoecology)"; Arina Kashapova, 4th-year bachelor student, "Linguistics".