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A project by NVSU International Office approved for Fulbright program funding

An application for the project Fulbright Programme Opportunities for Students and Staff of Nizhnevartovsk State University proposed by NVSU International Office has been approved for funding by Fulbright programme.

The project will include a 3-day online seminar organized together with Fulbright Alumni at Nizhnevartovsk State University. The seminar will be held on 9-11 June and shall use Zoom, Miro and Skype platform to organize conference call and group activities for NVSU students, lecturers and employees. During the seminar, the seminar organizers will touch upon the opportunities of Fulbright Progamme and share the experience of being a Fulbright grantee.

The proposed project aims to raise awareness of NVSU students and lecturers about the opportunities that the Fulbright programme provides for educational and cultural exchange between Russia and the US and recruit applicants for Fulbright program.