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NVSU student has returned from Finland

Rostislav Nikulitsa, a student of NVSU Faculty of Arts and Design, has completed his studies in Finland and returned home. Rostislav spent an autumn semester at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä studying the program of Musical Education.

The educational program depends solely on the students’ musical preferences and technical skills, with the main emphasis on practice. I think this a huge plus of studying at JAMK University of Applied Sciences,” said Rostislav.

What made you think of going abroad for study? Are you happy with your decision?

As a future teacher, I was interested in learning about the teacher training system of Finland, since it is considered one of the best in the world. This was a very interesting experience for me as a musician too, because the Finnish university had a variety of new courses and subjects for study.

What difficulties did you encounter in the new country?

Language barrier was a major difficulty for me. I had had very little conversation practice before. After a while, the situation improved, and there were no problems during the training.

What was most interesting in Finland?

I was first impressed by the settled life and calm atmosphere among local people. During my entire stay in the country, I have never encountered any aggression or anything. Also, it was interesting to see the relations between teachers and students, when students feel equal with teachers.

Did you make new friends in Finland?

Of course I did. At first, it was difficult for me to talk to people, since I hadn’t had much English language practice before my visit, but soon I managed to find a common language with my Finnish classmates. I also stayed together other international students, so I have a lot of new friends now.


What made you chose this university for study?

Finland is one of the best countries in the world in many fields, including education. So I decided to take a semester training at JAMK University of Applied Sciences.

What were your first impressions of Finland?

My first impressions were law obedience and friendliness of local people. One can feel free and safe to walk anywhere around. If you need some assistance or advice, almost everyone is ready to help you.

Was it difficult to adapt in a new country?

It was difficult to adapt to the Finnish mentality. The Finns are very shy, and when you talk to them, in most cases they prefer “small talk”, which made it difficult to contact other students.

Were you involved in university life?

I took part in every concert with a choir and orchestra held at many university and city events. In addition, I was an active assistant in various projects.

Did you receive assistance with the Finnish university when you encountered some problems?

Yes, I did. I could always contact the university information desk for assistance. Most of the time my problem was solved by the information service, in other cases the staff could always refer me to someone who could address a specific issue.

What would you like to say to students going abroad for study in the future?

I would tell them to practice spoken English, as most of the studies will be done as teamwork and projects. Also, I’d tell them to be more ambitious and use the opportunities of studying abroad.