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Logistics in Nizhnevartovsk

Dear participant

We understand that arriving to Siberia can be both exciting and a bit scary! That's why we have arranged a free airport pick- up service from Nizhnevartovsk Airport. At the airport there will be a person to meet you when you arrive to give you some useful information we have prepared for you and take you to the hotel. To arrange airport pick-up, please provide the date of flight, arrival time and flight number in the conference registration form. In case of force major, please inform International office and include all details of your change - your new flight number and arrival time (tel: +7 3466 457610, e-mail:

Getting from the airport (top left or bottom right, green pin) to the hotel (blue pins) and the NVSU main building (red pin)



Travel to Nizhnevartovsk 

Nizhnevartovsk is located about 2305 km from the capital of Russia, Moscow. The most convenient and quickest way to travel to Nizhnevartovsk is by plane (3,5 h). Information on the  schedules is available at the following websites:



However, if you prefer travelling by train (Moscow->Nizhnevartovsk), you would definitely enjoy an almost 3 day trip along the magnificent sceneries of the Trans-Siberian Railway.


IMPORTANT: Please note that the official opening of the conference is scheduled to take place on April 15, 2019. The regitsration of the conference participants will start at 9 am. For your convenience we kindly recommend you to arrive one day earlier (preferably on April 14, Sunday) to accommodate yourselves and prepare for the Conference. 

Bus transfer service during conference days

We have arranged a bus transfer from Hotel Nadezhda to the Conference venue and backwards for all conference participants. We have also organized a transfer to take participants to the Lunch' location. The meeting point for the daily transfer is right in front of the Nadezhda Hotel.

Please note that if you choose to use an alternative transfer service, this will be at your own cost.

Moving around in Nizhnevartovsk (public transport and taxi)

The city's planning is fairly simple, making practically all its districts easily accessible via public transport.

Transport fares:

Public bus – 25 ₽

Public fixed route minibus taxi – 25 ₽

When travelling by bus, you buy a ticket from the fare collector on the bus. When travelling by fixed route taxi (minibus), don't forget to notify the driver beforehand so that they could stop at the required bus stop (Say, for example, “Ostanovite na Tsentralnoy biblioteke”, which means “Stop at the Central library”). 

In case the weather is awesome and you wish to take a walk. Here you can see the directions to hotels and back.

1. Getting from the Hotel “Nadezhda” (39, Severnaya Street) to NVSU main building

- Head northwest on Severnaya Street toward Chapaeva Street

- Turn left onto Chapaeva Street

- At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Lenina Street

- Turn left onto Lenina Street. Destination will be on the right.


Taxi in Nizhnevartovsk

If you wish to take a taxi, send the message or call the taxi company and say: "Hotel Nadezhda" and receive a reply with a number of the car plate and the waiting period. As soon as you receive a message from the taxi company, come out the hotel and catch your taxi.

Ordering taxi, download the taxi – applications for Android and Apple:   

 Vashe taxi

Premier Taxi

Taxi – phone numbers:

+7 3466 50-00-02 Vashe Taxi

+7 3466 23-23-23 – Premier Taxi

Taxi fares around Nizhnevartovsk - 150 ₽ (fixed price)

To get around the town easier, download the app “2GIS” (offline maps and business listings):