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NVSU holds a research and practice seminar “Studying the interaction of environment and human health: experience of the European Union” November 22, 2018, NVSU Faculty of Ecology and Engineering held a research and practical seminar “Studying the interaction of environment and human health: experience of the European Union”.

The seminar was arranged within the Jean Monnet Module project “Interaction of Environment and Human Health: Experience of the European Union”, No. 2016-2592 / 001-001, 574826-EPP-1-2016-1-RU-EPPJMO-MODULE. The project supported by the European Commission is coordinated by Irina Pogonysheva and Denis Pogonyshev.


Attended by 60 participants, including NVSU lecturers, undergraduates and graduate students, as well as local working-life professionals in ecology, environmental management, and health care, the seminar discussed the ways to apply the EU experience and practices of environmental protection and human health.


The discussions were devoted to the following key topics:

  1. Trends and state of environmental and health research in the EU countries;
  2. WHO European Health Policy "Health 2020". Comparative analysis of health care systems in the EU countries and Russia;
  3. Chemical safety and public health in the European Union and Russia;
  4. Global climate change, impact on public health, European prevention programs;
  5. Environmental Health. Drinking water quality. Safe water supply.

The seminar speakers included:

  • Irina Pogonysheva, report on the “Systems of public health protection in the EU countries”.
  • Sergey Korkin, report on the “Temperature monitoring as an indicator of climate change: the European Union experience for the global, regional and local levels”.
  • Olga Skorobogatova, report on the "Russian and European experience in managing the quality of natural waters."
  • Vera Kuznetsova, report on the “Impact of climate change on health and European public adaptation programs”.
  • Inna Lunyak, report on the “Environment and children's health in Europe”.
  • Maria Semochkina, report on the "Development of algae-biotechnology in the EU countries."
  • Tatyana Storchak, report on the “Monitoring of surface waters within the EU Water Framework Directive”.

The seminar was concluded by a resolution.