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The call for applications “Russian Philology” within Erasmus + KA1 is now open

The call is now open for the course “Russian Philology” for international students. The course runs from February, 2019 to June, 2019.

Application deadline is November 1, 2018.

NVSU offers incoming students a “Russian Philology” course aimed at comprehensive development of Russian Language skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) and interpersonal communication in formal and informal situations.

The course targets students studying Slavonic languages, Russian and foreign literature.

The language of instruction: Russian.

The course modules (each module is 5 ECTS):

1. Types of Cultural Consciousness. The module is designed to teach students common traditions of literary history, including historical literary methods. The module implies a theoretical study of the literary process, determining the exact chronology of each period in the world literature.

2. Russian Language Seminar. Students will get acquainted with lexical-semantic system of the language and its functioning.

3. Speech Competence. The module helps students to better understand different cultural settings, the rules of professional behavior which are necessary for career advancement and establishing interpersonal and international contacts.

4. Interaction of Russian and World Literature. The module is aimed at introducing creative contacts and typological connections between Russian and foreign literatures, consolidating skills of comparative and historical analysis in Russian literature and its significance in the global context. The module introduces students to the basics of literary history of the XIX century.

5. Stylistics and Literary Editing. The module objectives are to introduce students to theoretical and practical stylistics and literary editing and to develop skills for editing journalistic texts.

6. Modern Russian Literary Language. The module gives overview of the Russian language grammar and grammatical structures, morphology and syntax of the Russian language. The students will create oral and written texts, apply linguistic knowledge to professional activity, conduct morphemic, derivational, and morphological analysis of lexical units.

7.  History of the Russian Literature.The module is to become familiar with the classic realistic, modern and avant-garde works of Russian literature of the period X-XXI centuries. The module overviews a large number of literary works as well as the largest masterpieces that have become cultural phenomena.

8. History of Foreign Literature. The module aims to present a comprehensive overview of the main literary schools of foreign literature from antiquity to modern times.

9. Linguistic and Literary Text Analysis. In the module students analyze literary texts as a whole and their individual aspects: topics, problems, ideological world, artistic speech, plot, composition, etc.

10. Methods of Teaching Russian Language. The module is devoted to methodology of teaching Russian language at general education schools of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Area-Yugra.

To apply for the course students need to:

  1. Fill in the online - application form:
  2. Submit the following documents until November 1, 2018  to

For additional information please contact NVSU International team:

Incoming Student Application Form.pdf

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