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Erasmus+ Mobility: NVSU and JAMK

NVSU students continue to successfully participate Erasmus+ Program (Key Action 1: "Individual mobility of students and teachers").

Erasmus+ scholarship covers all expenses related to staying and studying at a foreign university (transportation costs, accommodation, visa costs, etc.).

Following the results of the 2017 competition, a grant for mobility for training at the JAMK University of Applied Sciences was awarded to Dmitry Ivanov, a third-year student of the Faculty of Information Technology and Mathematics.

In JAMK University of Applied Sciences Dmitry took courses within program "Information and Communication Technology" from January to May 2018.

Dmitry shared his impressions of the training and the country in general.


What influenced your decision to study abroad? Are you happy with the decision?

My main motivation was to new subjects. You can easily select the most interesting and suitable courses in the desired field with the huge selection of courses that they offer. Unfortunately, all subjects that I was interested in were taught onlince, however, this did not stop me from enjoying new knowledge.

What difficulties did you face in the new country?

First of all, a new language environment. Initially, it takes more time to understand educational material, but in time it becomes easier, you get used to it, and, consequently, your language skills get better. Secondly, a number of subjects were taught online, so it was not always possible to quickly get comments and advice from teachers.


What did you find most interesting about Finland?

The most interesting in Finland is the atitude that people have towords other people and nature. On the streets, as well as in Russia, people do not simply talk with passers-by, but everyone is ready to help, you just need to ask. This is surprising, because the Finns are modest and consider themselves more antisocial than other nations. I was also amazed at the level of trust, from the streets to the university, where people just leave their things unattended.

Did you manage to find new friends in Finland?

Making friends abroad is not easy to do, as many foreign students prefer to communicate in their native language. I managed to make friends with a small group of people who participated in the training project. New friends and acquaintances, of course, help to cope with the difficulties that you may face in a new country. Foreign students become your "second" family for six months, people you can always exchange useful information with and find a way out of any situation.

What influenced your choice of educational institution?

I chose JAMK for two reasons. The first is university equipment. That is, technical equipment and everything connected with it. And the second, the most important, set of subjects that the university offered. It was my chance to learn something new that I could not learn at my university.

What were your first impressions after coming to Finland?

Finland struck me with its beauty. Charming forests, architecture and snowy scenery took my breath away. After the tour of the university, I was surprised by the technical equipment of classrooms. From workshops filled with production equipment, including a number of machines of different technical focus, to computer classes with a huge selection of components and software.

How difficult was it for you to adapt to the new country?

Adapting to Finland was not as difficult as it seemed to me. The most important thing is to get used to foreign speech, and after you learn where everything is, everything falls into place.

How actively did you participate in the university life?

The university offers a variety of programs in which you can get acquainted with the Finnish culture and travel. For example, a program to get acquainted with a Finnish family or a trip to the center of Finland. I tried to participate in the university life in my free time from school, but it was not always possible for me, I advise future students to actively join the university life and participate in various extracurricular activities.

Did the foreign university help you in solving various problems?

In Finland, I had several people that I could contact in case I had problems. My only difficulty was communication with some teachers, and other teachers helped to solve it.

What would you wish future foreign students?

I wish the future foreign students to actively participate in the life of the university, have time to join the culture of the country and get the knowledge that it would be impossible to get in their own university.