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New experience of student academic mobility with JAMK University of Applied Sciences

NVSU students continue to take part in international programs of academic mobility. Svetlana Podbolotova, 3rd year student of Faculty of Arts and Design, and Ivan Fomenko, 2nd year student of Faculty of Humanities has successfully completed his studies at JAMK University of Applied Sciences in Jyväskylä. The students spent autumn semester from August to December 2017 there.


Svetlana and Ivan shared their positive impressions from this experience. Ivan learned about such things as working with integrated educational systems, developing study schedule beforehand etc. Svetlana was surprised that musical education was divided into 2 sections: classical and pop. Speaking about the training system at JAMK University, the student says that it is more focused on self-learning, group work and most of the time is devoted to solving practical issues. Ivan and Svetlana also noted that most of the education process is conducted through special online learning management system, and that allowed for better time use and simplified the process in general.