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NVSU Student won YEAR in the United States

The Year of Exchange in America for Russians program provides outstanding Russian students a unique opportunity to study for one year at U.S. institutions of higher education, to engage with local communities in sustained and meaningful dialogue, to educate Americans about Russia's history and culture, and to gain a new, nuanced understanding of American society. The program also aims to strengthen each participant's English skills and subject knowledge. Participants take undergraduate level courses in their major fields of study, American studies, and a wide range of electives that offer the opportunity to explore new disciplines. The YEAR Program is fully funded, covering tuition, housing, international travel, medical insurance, and other basic living expenses.


Carolina Drobinina, 2nd year student of the Faculty of Humanities studying Linguistics decided to take part in the competition and successfully won all tours. Carolina shared her impressions of the competition and feelings about the upcoming journey.

How did the selection process look like?

It involved three major stages: application, TOEFL examination and Skype interview. I believe that the main thing is not to put off the application process until the very last minute and not to be afraid to ask for help from your teachers (especially when it comes to recommendation letters). The most difficult part for me was the examination which lasted 4 hours and required not only knowledge of the language but also history, biology, and even astronomy. Fortunately, after going through all the stages and collection all the necessary documents I received an acceptance letter to University of South Dakota. The university is located in a small town in the south of the state and has population of 12,000 people.

What appeared to be the most interesting?

This year the organizers decided to allow students to give an opportunity to live in host families as well as on campus. All fellows arrive in their host communities one month prior to the beginning of their academic year. During this period, they are placed with host families. At the end of their first month in the U.S., students move to on-campus residence halls.

What is your general impression?

Very positive! Everything was very well organized. However, all competition stages take a lot of time, up to half a year, so you need to be patient, which is the most difficult.

What are your expectations?

I’m looking forward to meeting all the program fellows and my host family. I think that this experience and knowledge will help me not only with my future studies in NVSU but also will help me to grow as a personality and as a qualified specialist.