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NVSU student has returned from the University College South Denmark

3rd year NVSU student Anna Bukreeva, studying at the Faculty of Humanities, won the university competition to study at the University College of Southern Denmark - UCSYD in Aabenraa.  Anna spent 5 months (August  - December 2016) studying the college program of Crossing Borders: Cultural Diversity in Early Years Education.

The student was awarded Erasmus+ scholarship, which is the most prestigious European student grant. It covers all costs of stay and study at a EU university (cost of travel, accommodation, visa costs and insurance). 

Anna has always wanted to get an insider’s look of educational systems of other countries, so when the opportunity presented itself during one of the NVSU international seminars, Anna immediately applied.  She posed certain objectives for her studies which included improving her English skills, gaining knowledge about education system of Denmark and learning modern teaching techniques. Within the program, Anna completed four training modules:

  • Crossing Borders, an introductory course to introduce the students to the Danish education system and the Danish language;
  • Cultural Diversity in Education, a theoretical study and research in schools and pre-schools related to certain topics, such as inclusive education of children;
  • Educational Development Project, an independent student project involving three school classes on a particular subject. NVSU students made a photo project with a display of photographs made by children;
  •  Practical Training Period in schools and pre-schools, with a portfolio on teaching techniques and educational system.

At the end of each module, Anna took various tests and oral examinations, wrote essays and filled out feedback indicating pros and cons of the course covered. Since practical training is an essential part of the Erasmus + course, Anna also did her practical training in Danish schools which focused on improving overall teaching profession capabilities.


Anna also shared the impressions about her life in Denmark outside of the classroom. Anna shared that it was challenging to adapt to new life at first, but participating in different social activities with her new classmates. Anna attended many cultural events, such as Danish dinner (dinner with a host family), trips to neighboring towns and museum visits.