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Faculty of Engineering and Techonology
Alexander Kovalev, Candidate of Technical Sciences Dean: Alexander Kovalev, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Address: 46 Industrialnaya Street, Building 5, Room 300
Tel: +7 (3466) 631 287

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology is a new faculty of Nizhnevartovsk State University opened in 2015. It holds two departments:

  •  Department for Power and Electrical Engineering
  •  Department for Oil and Gas Engineering

The Faculty’s strategy is to develop a local engineering cluster in Khanty-Mansiysk region locating 60% of oil and oil service companies and 30% of electric and power supply companies. In the Faculty’s view such cluster is to be developed on an intrinsically new innovative platform.

The teaching staff is represented by highly qualified professionals applying innovative training technologies. The Faculty is actively involved in research devoted to the issues of mathematical modeling, canonical models, and numerical methods for analyzing complex dynamical systems.

Considering the needs and demands of the local business community, the Faculty has launched profound research and practical studies in such areas as mathematical modeling of electrical submersible pump unit.

The Faculty has established an arrangement with Rosneft Oil Company and its service enterprises to provide internship placement for faculty students so they can take practical field training at modern pumping well operation facilities.

The Faculty facilities include a research laboratory, a research and educational center, and a student design engineering bureau. The Faculty staff maintains scientific cooperation and joint research work with local oilfield service practitioners and leading engineers who are regularly invited as lecturers and experts at workshops, student field trips and state examination commission sessions and are actively involved in the faculty curricula development.

In cooperation with employers, the Faculty focuses on the following academic disciplines:

• Theoretical Basics of Electrical Engineering
• Electromechanics
• Electrical Machines
• Electrical Industry
• Basics of Automatic Control
• Electric Drive
• Intra-Factory Power Supply and Modes
• Installation, Commissioning, Operation, Repair of Industrial Electrical Systems.

The Faculty provides special courses in Energy Audit, Energy-Saving Technologies, Mathematical Modeling of ESP held in the following faculty’s laboratories:

• Diversified Laboratory of Installation, Electric Engineering, Metrology and Basics of Electric Engineering.
• Laboratory of Electrical Measurements;
• Laboratory of Electric Power Engineering and Power Quality;
• Laboratory of Automated Electric Drive;
• Laboratory of Submersible Electrical Equipment and Electric Drive;
• Laboratory of Complex Equipment for diagnosing ESP rotor quality.

The Faculty of Engineering is enjoying huge demand in the region and is the source of engineering elite for the local business community.

Bachelor Programs

13.03.02. Power and Electrical Engineering (Electrical Power Supply)

21.03.01. Oil and Gas Engineering


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