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Faculty of Economics and Management
Natalia Zakharova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Dean: Natalia Zakharova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor
Address: 3B Mira Street, Building 2, Room 209
Tel: +7 (3466) 270 306

The Faculty of Economics and Management was established on 1 September 2008.

The Faculty grew from a single Specialist in Commerce degree program opened by the Faculty of Humanities in 2007. Today, the Faculty of Economics and Management is one of the youngest in the University and arguably the most significant, due to its contribution to regional and national development in fields related to business management and economics.


The Faculty has 2 departments:

The teaching staff is represented by highly qualified specialists: professors, doctors of sciences, associate professors, candidates of sciences, senior teachers. The Faculty aims to promote excellence in teaching and research in the field of economics and focuses to prepare highly qualified graduates for careers in economics and management. It functions to support sustainable development and community service and to produce responsible citizens with healthy respect for human dignity. We aim at promoting excellence in teaching and research and nurturing a critical spirit and an instinct for creative problem-solving in our students.

Today the Faculty is developing long-term cooperation with various scientific, educational and counseling centers, allowing students to participate in training programs, conferences, workshops and expanding knowledge in the chosen training areas. Our priority activities include assisting and supporting graduates in their future employment and establishing contacts with the commercial companies and organizations.

Many students manage to combine academic study with research activities with social life. The Faculty of Economics and Management engages students in active learning, enhances the educational environment by promoting, educating, and facilitating understanding of students’ rights, responsibilities and freedoms. It also creates opportunities for students to clarify and challenge their potential.

Bachelor Programs

38.03.02. Management (State and Municipal Management)

38.03.06. Trading (Accounting)

38.03.06. Trading (Merchandizing and Examination of Goods)

44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Economics)

43.03.02. Tourism (Technologies and Arrangement of Travel Operators and Agency Services)


Master Programs

43.04.02. Tourism (Organization and Management of Travel Companies)