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Career Development Centre
Irina Ezhukova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences  Head of the Centre: Irina Ezhukova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences
 Address: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 114 
 Tel: +7 (3466) 468 885
 Mon - Fri: 9 am - 6 pm

NVSU Career Development Centre is aimed at supporting students and graduates in planning their career and achieving their professional goals.

The Centre offers a broad range of services including further student career support, professional education, refresher training, distance learning.

The Centre is involved is promoting monitoring the quality of testing technologies, providing professional testing and consulting, developing information resources in the research and education focus areas of the University.

Career Support

The Centre provides NVSU students and graduates with career support services, which includes the following:

  • Career advice (career testing, writing a CV, preparing for job interviews)
  • Job support (participating in annual job fairs, organizing employers’ presentations, providing information on vacancies, helping with job appointments)
  • Career trainings, master classes
  • Counseling
  • Part-time employment for students
  • Business start-up support
  • Recruiting
  • Testing of Russian as a foreign language (for foreigners)

Further Professional Education

The Centre offers the programs of further professional education aimed at helping the professionals from various fields of knowledge to improve their skills and knowledge, renew particular aspects of their training and learn new methods and techniques for better professional activities.

Our programs include:

  • Teaching Russian and a Foreign Language
  • Practical Computer Studies and Programs
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Foreign Languages
  • Personnel Management
  • Documentation
  • Information Technologies in Education
  • Business Technologies etc.

Refresher Training Courses

Refresher training courses are aimed at improving professional competences required for a new professional activity. The Centre provides the students with refresher training courses with the use of distance learning technologies in the following fields:

  •  Art Management
  •  Personnel Management
  •  Education Management
  •  Teaching
  •  Social Work
  •  Psychology
  •  Youth Outreach Management
  •  Foreign Languages
  •  Translation and Interpreting
  •  Design (Web Design, Landscape Design, Fashion Design, Furniture Design etc.)
  •  Practical Computer Technologies and Programming
  •  Library Services
  •  Art and Crafts
  •  Fitness and Recreation etc.


Contact us: 56 Lenina Street, Main Building, Room 114

Tel.: +7 (3466) 468885