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44.04.01. Pedagogical Education (National History)

Abstract of the basic educational program



Name of the program

050100.68 Pedagogic Education

Skills Profile

National (Russian) History

Master’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

2 years, including postgraduate holiday

Program content

120 credits, 60 credits per academic year (1 credit corresponds to 36 academic hours)

Eligibility requirements

State diploma of higher professional education (bachelor’s or specialist’s degree in history)

Occupational areas for program graduates

  • Education
  • Social services
  • Culture

Objects of occupational activity

  • Training and education
  • Instruction and educational services
  • Raising awareness
  • Educational system

Occupational activities for program graduates

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Cultural and educational activities
  • Expertise and analysis
  • Organizational activities and management

Major professional activities of program graduates include work as a teacher, researcher, archive specialist, specialist in museums, libraries, and expert analyst, public and municipal officer, creative media worker, specialist in historical, cultural and educational tourism.