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43.04.02. Tourism (Organization and Management of Travel Companies)

Abstract of the basic educational program


Culture and Consumer Services

Name of the program

43.04.02. Tourism

Skills Profile

Organization and Management of Travel Companies

Master’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

2 years

Program content

120 credits

Eligibility requirements

  • State diploma of higher professional education (bachelor’s or specialist’s degree)
  • Successful results at the entrance test

Skills and competences of program graduates

Master of tourism can solve professional tasks:

  • Organizing and managing the production and use of tourism products, organizing and managing team work of a tourism company;
  • Making tactical and strategic decisions in developing and using tourism products;
  • Monitoring and evaluating tourist activities at different levels (federal, regional, local);
  • Marketing tourist and recreational areas.

Occupational activities for program graduates

A graduate is prepared for professional activities requiring in-depth and fundamental knowledge of various aspects of tourist business and tourist industry. A graduate may be employed as:

  • a certified employee, researcher, consultant in the field of tourism in the Russian and foreign companies;
  • a tourist specialist in government agencies, governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • an expert, teacher or researcher in educational and research institutions.

The students who have successfully completed this master's program, receive a state master’s diploma of higher professional education with a degree of "Master of Tourism".