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54.03.01. Design

Abstract of the basic educational program

Faculty of Art and Design

Name of the program

072500.62 Design

Bachelor’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

4 years

Program content

240 credit points

Eligibility requirements

  • State certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Professional knowledge and skills in drawing, painting and composition determined during the preliminary interview

Occupational areas for program graduates

Creative activity aimed at developing an aesthetical object and spatial environment, integrating art, engineering and design, scientific and educational activities of developing and improving highly aesthetic, competitive domestic product for promoting economic and cultural development and raising living standards

Objects of occupational activity

Aesthetically expressive complexes of object environment, satisfying utilitarian and spiritual human needs (machinery and equipment, vehicles, interiors, printing materials, consumer goods).

Occupational activities for program graduates

  • Art and design activities
  • Information and technological activities
  • Organizational activities and management
  • Teaching