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49.03.01. Physical Training

Abstract of the basic educational program

Faculty of Physical Training and Sports

Name of the program

034300.62 Physical Training

Bachelor’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

4 years

Program content

240 credit points

Eligibility requirements

State certificate of secondary (complete) general education or state certificate of secondary vocational education

The University accepts champions and winners of Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and Deaf Olympic Games without entrance trials to this program

Occupational areas for program graduates

  • Physical training and sports
  • Recreation and rehabilitation of motor functions
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • Health services
  • Tourism
  • Management
  • Research and development
  • Mastery

Objects of occupational activity

  • Persons engaged in physical and sports activities and potential customers of recreational and sports services
  • Development of philosophical, motivation and value orientations and attitudes to maintain health and healthy lifestyle, optimization of psychophysical state, development of various motor and related skills, improvement of work efficiency
  • Educational, methodical and normative documents

Occupational activities for program graduates

  • Training and education
  • Social and educational activities
  • Cultural activities
  • Research and methodical activities
  • Organizational activities and management
  • Training and sports competition
  • Physical and health-improving activities
  • Recreation