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44.03.01. Pedagogical Education (Foreign Languages)

Abstract of the basic educational program

Faculty of Humanities

Name of the program

44.03.01 Pedagogical Education

Skills Profile

Foreign Language

Bachelor’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

4 years (one foreign language - English)/ 5 years (first foreign language - English, second foreign elective language - Spanish / German / French)

Program content

240 credits

Eligibility requirements

State certificate of secondary (complete) general education or state certificate of secondary vocational education

Occupational areas and activities for program graduates

  • Teaching foreign languages and cultures
  • Social services, cultural and educational services
  • Cross-language communication
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Learning theory and education
  • Linguistics and information technologies
  • Organizational activities and management
  • Research

Objects of occupational activity

  • Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages and cultures
  • Foreign languages and cultures under study
  • Language theory
  • Theory and methods of education and training

Specific professional activities may include pre-school training, primary and secondary school training, activities in the fields requiring knowledge of intercultural communication.