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43.03.02. Tourism (Technologies and Arrangement of Travel Operators and Agency Services)

Abstract of the basic educational program

Faculty of Culture and Consumer Services

Name of the program

100400.62 Tourism

Skills Profile

Technologies and Arrangement of Operator and Agency Services

Bachelor’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

4 years

Program content

240 credit points, including all classroom and independent student work, practice and time for checking student progress

Eligibility requirements

State certificate of secondary (complete) general education or state certificate of secondary vocational education

Occupational areas for program graduates

  • Development and implementation of tourism products satisfying customer needs
  • Arrangement of package tourism services in the major tourism sectors

Objects of occupational activity

  • Tourism customers (individual or corporate clients), customer needs and demands
  • Tourism products
  • Tourism services
  • Intellectual property
  • Intangible assets owned by the subjects of the tourism industry on a legal basis
  • Means of accommodation, catering, excursions, sports services, transport, other enterprises and areas of tourism industry related to the development and implementation of tourism products
  • Information resources and systems, automated information systems and technologies

Occupational activities for program graduates

  • Design
  • Production and technology
  • Organizational activities and management
  • Social service
  • Research