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07.03.01. Architecture

Abstract of the basic educational program

Faculty: Arts and Design

Name of the program

270100.62 Architecture

Bachelor’s degree

Full-time training

Duration of the program

4 years

Program content

240 credit points

Eligibility requirements

  • State certificate of secondary (complete) general education
  • Professional knowledge and skills in drawing, painting and composition determined during the preliminary interview

Occupational areas for program graduates

Activities in the field of material and spiritual culture, synthesizing the scientific, technological, and artistic achievements and means and focused on creating an integrated artificial material and spatial environment comfortable for human life and society, including the following activities:

  • Analyzing and designing (creating, transforming, conserving, adapting, utilizing) a harmonious, comfortable and safe environment and its components, controlling the projects
  • Communicating and acting as intermediary between the customer, building contractor, local community and other stakeholders in order to develop, explain and promote design solutions
  • Controlling the design process, organizing the activities of design companies, architectural and project administration, managing the construction of artificial environment at the local and regional levels
  • Interpreting, analyzing and evaluating architectural conditions, methods, results and implications, examination of design solutions
  • Teaching architecture and reaching the objectives of architectural education

Objects of occupational activity

  • Artificial material and spatial human and social environment and its components (settlements, urban environment, buildings, structures and construction complexes with life-support systems, security, landscapes)
  • Modeling and using artificial material and spatial environment

Occupational activities for program graduates

  • Design
  • Research;
  • Communication activities
  • Organizational activities and management
  • Critical activities and expertise
  • Teaching